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Catherine got a turtle.

His name is Raphael.  Here are some pictures and Catherine’s report on turtles.

Raphael, Catherines turtle

Raphael, Catherine's turtle


by Catherine Moyer2/26/09

I just got a turtle named Raphael and he is very cute. He is a red eared aquatic turtle. He eats raw meat, dried crickets, worms and turtle food but they can eat plants
and vegetables if they want. Lately my turtle isn’t eating.  I think it might be a little scared me and a little home sick.

He lives in an aquarium tank and has to have a heater and heat lamp. He has a big log, a lot of small rocks, and a couple of big rocks. He has to stand on his toes to get air or he climbs one of the things in the tank.

My cats really are curious of him and like to sit on my chair and watch him. I think all of my family likes Raphael a lot. He sure is cute. We have a little container he eats in because we don’t want to get the tank dirty. He is very fast for a turtle. I always thought that they were really slow but they can run really fast.

The Red eared slider turtle is most popular in the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, the U.K., and Japan.  They originated in the United states by the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico. They are all over the world now because of pet trade.  Turtles in the wild hibernate. They usually hibernate when it is really cold like lower then 50*F. They go under water when they hibernate.  I don’t know how long exactly they stay under but I think they stay under for a few months.

These turtles love to swim and are really good at it too. My turtle is very cute he has so much detail to him. He has these big circles on his tummy and he has all this detail that is kind of hard to explain. I just tried to take some pics of Raph and I don’t think he liked it to much. I don’t think I’d like too much if a giant came and started having something flash in my face either.

Like I said before that they have to have heaters and heat lamps or else the turtle will most likely die. This is because of them being cold blooded and can not produce heat. So the heater and lamp give the turtle heat to live. My turtle’s heater broke so yesterday me and my dad went and got a heater at the store. They cost a different price for each size you want, ours cost about $20.00.

I have loved having a turtle so far, but they are a lot of work and money. I have only had Raph for about three days and it has been fun but there will probably be some difficulty’s with it but it will be ok, that’s what happens when you have a pet.


Want to be encouraged?  How about some cool stuff from the Bible and then a challenge?

Listen to the midweek booster of Take Him With You.

This month, set aside some money, and pay for someone’s groceries in line at the grocery store.  Then, report back on what happened when you did this random act of kindness!

The pea pod special

Posted: February 23, 2009 in Cool Stuff just for you

Ah, yes, Mondays are great. I got to pray today for many folks. I really look forward to those type of days.

People were asking what the pea pod special looks like at OCEAN PALACE in Aberdeen Washington.

So here you go.

The pea pod lunch special at Ocean Palace.

The pea pod lunch special at Ocean Palace.

I spent some time in John Chapter 3 today.  Pretty interesting stuff.  It is so fascinating to me how over the years we have added so much to the simplicity of the message of Christ.  He was so NOT religious.  He was straightforward and forthright.  I think a lot of us could take a lesson from him.

I think that is what I love about my personal relationship with Jesus.  He is so real to me.  He doesn’t play games with me.  He always has the best intentions and is patient with me.

My prayer today:

Lord let me be a blessing to all those that I am connected too.  Somehow give me the strength and insight to be helpful and an encouragement.  Amen.

Don’t forget to listen to the latest Take Him With You Podcast– this one is called Ouija Boards and Sunday School.

the take him with you podcast

the take him with you podcast

The new podcast is up and running!  Please take a listen!

Ouija Boards and Sunday school podcast #022209

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On this week’s episode Monk and Psych, Battlestar Galactica, and more!

Jen and Angela Promo for Anomaly. Cool show, check it out for girly geek perspective.

Rick’s House-
There are three teenagers under one roof, so it’s never boring.
What about T.V. Lately?
Monk– on the USA Network. This is a show about an ex detective with OCD. Very fun, and great acting.

Psych– on the USA Network. This is a show about a hyper observer that poses as a Psychic. This show has great writing and an enjoyable show. It is VERY HUMOROUS!


Battlestar Galactica on the SCI FI channel. This show is adult orientated, but very accurate in it’s writing about human behavior.


Knight Rider– new series is getting better.


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I play a promo for the Star Trek Parody site that I have. Free mp3’s and Star Trek Parody Music and others. This is a site motivated by my friend Rico’s podcast



Proverbs chapter 16- various verses.

Treks in sci fi podcast promo with Rico Dostie


This week we talk about the new waffle on Podcast with my friend from England Meds. visit the waffle on website soon. He explained what a Hedgerow was. THANK YOU MEDS!

I was invited by Robby to come to the Presbyterian Church in Hoquiam.

We played Ouija board and contacted Steve, a guy who died in a motor boat accident. I’m not sure if we really did, but we were kids goofing around with stuff that we didn’t understand to well.

It predicted when I would die- the very month that I gave my heart to God. September 1985. ??? Say what? Was this accurate? To strange!

I believe that we are all wired to be spiritual. It really depends on what we hook up to inside of us. I use the example of the power supply in a computer. What do you plug into? I plugged into rock and roll and dark stuff. I didn’t know what I was messing with.

Sometimes I plug things into my life that aren’t good for me.

STAR WARS– the Fight between GOOD AND EVIL!

Evil and dark things tend to use us up, light and good things tend to energize us.

I believe God created people to do good things and help others out, not the opposite.

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Pastor takes me aside and asks me to lead the youth group. I didn’t know God from a hole in the ground. Gee whiz! I said yes to the $25 a month they were going to pay me.

I accepted, but had a hard time helping people because I didn’t know how to help people spiritually.

There are people everywhere that just go through the motions of religion, and they just aren’t as committed as others. There is a difference between religion and relationship.

1. If you’re going to be used, do it for something that matters.

2. Many times we’re asked to do things so we can be developed or gain experience in life.

Check list: Will this help or hurt people around me? Am I being selfish or selfless? Will I grow as a human being? Is this healthy for me down the road?

I believe we were made to live for God. He made us and knows what is best for us.

I want to see people celebrated, not just tolerated.

Next weekGreen fog and electric guitars!

Song that I wrote called – You’re the one. I wrote this a couple of months ago.

You’re the one
by Rick Moyer

Looking back through time, I see some things that held me back
but as they say you can’t go back and change things.
All you do is hold on to tomorrow don’t you
and pray the chains fall off that bind you

Set me free
from the chains that bind me
Set me free
from the ropes that tie me
Set me free
from the things that blind me
set me free
It doesn’t work to just ignore my demons
that keep me down inside my dungeon
Bread and water just don’t satisfy my soul no more
I want to taste the freshness of a full set garden
Set me free
from the chains that bind me
Set me free
from the ropes that tie me
Set me free
from the things blind me
Set me free

So I fall upon the one that takes the sting of death away
Call upon his name one more time
Breaking through the crusty surface down into my heart
Letting out my inner feelings

Set me free
from the chains that bind me
Set me free
from the ropes that tie me
Set me free
from the things blind me
Set me free

You’re the one that sets me free (repeat several times)
Oh you’re the one that sets me free.


We end things up by playing the cool Korg Triton LE keyboard. I play various sounds from it. Very fun, and you can see how I do the music for the podcast and other programs.

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Behind the Scences Music

Posted: February 17, 2009 in Cool Stuff just for you

I was so excited when my friend Kenny asked me to submit a few songs for the behind the scenes extras on “The Guild” webcast.  Today they posted it on Xbox Live and on MSN video.  Take a look and listen.  The music I did is not the theme song, but the technoish stuff in the background.  I got to see a credit at the end of the episode.  SO THANK YOU KENNY!  This is part of what I want to do for part of my living.  So if you know anyone that needs music for their podcast, or for their radio show or video, please have them contact me at

Click here to watch the video and hear the music.

Monday is by far one of my favorite days now.  On Monday’s I leave the house around 10:30 a.m. and head downtown Aberdeen with a notebook, my bible and a list.

At 11 or so, Ocean Palace opens and I go to the last booth on the left in the back.  I say hellow to my good friend and the owner of the establishment Christina.

Christina and Sabrina, the owners of Ocean Palace in Aberdeen

Christina and Sabrina, the owners of Ocean Palace in Aberdeen

Then I pull out my bible and notebook and say a quick prayer.  As I write my thoughts down on the paper about my life, my faith and more.   I find the scripture that is coursing through my soul at that particular moment and seek the Lord as to what he would have me say to all those that listen to the podcast Take Him With You.

My lunch comes, I eat.  And it is always good.  My only real problem is picking between diet pepsi and ice tea.  🙂

Eva usually comes in around noon and we have a quick chat about the day and what she thought of the last podcast.  She has been a waitress at Ocean Palace as long as I can remember.  Which shouldn’t make anyone feel too bad since I can’t remember to far back.  🙂  I pray for my friends at Ocean Palace.  They are cool.

One of the best waitresses on the Harbor.

Eva, one of the best waitresses on the Harbor.

I get done with lunch, write more in my notes about what I am going to record on Tuesday for the weekend’s podcast and then I pay my bill.  Oh, of course I always eat my forune cookie, and from time to time smile as I read the message inside.  Last week it had a proverb in it…  “A merry heart does good like a medicine.”  I liked that one.  Today it said that I will have fun at work.  Well, that was true.  I was already enjoying work that day.  Since I’m not at the church anymore I get asked that question a lot.  “So what are you doing for work?”  I smile and say that I am attempting to reach a group of people that need a genuine and honest person to tell them about the real Jesus without the threat of politics or forcing them into “religion”.  Huh?  is the usual response.    I again smile and say that I am asking God to support us by telling others about him.  It’s biblical. 🙂

Then after I’m done with lunch I usually score some chocolate and head to my car or truck.  Then I’m off to find a quiet place to pray.  It could be a park, it might be a quiet side street, or maybe a parking lot overlooking the Harbor.  It isn’t about the place, it’s where my heart is.  I pull out a list that I have printed off of my emails that I get every week.  People have prayer requests.  Even the folks that haven’t sent one in get prayed for.  I pray for my friends.  So many people that I know and love, have needs.  We all do.  So I start at the top with specific prayers and head down the list until I reach the bottom.  By the time I get there I have called a few of the folks on my list and prayed with them live on the phone, others I send an email afterward to tell them that someone prayed for them today, and still others I just pray for and never tell anyone that I have, except Jesus.

I pray for God’s blessing on them, for his healing power and for clarity and understanding their purpose in life.  I pray a prayer of thanksgiving over everyone of them, even the people I wouldn’t consider too friendly to me.  It ‘s not as easy to pray for people you perceive to be your enemy, but it is what Jesus would do.  So I do.  It takes longer with them, because often I have to pray and ask God to forgive me for my bad attitude toward them.  Some days I just ask God to help me forgive them because I have tried all I can to reconcile.  There isn’t anything else I can do.  I simply release those folks into the hands of Christ and ask Him to bless them.

What a privilege to pray for others.  When I get done with the list I pray for my needs.  My family first and then for my needs.  I usually pray for opportunities to encourage people and ask what God wants me to do for others that day.  I often times share my fears and insecurities with him too.  That always helps.  I ask for provision too.  I have enough to live for a few months, but then it all has to come in by faith.  I don’t panic, but I sometimes get nervous.  I just know what God has called me to do, and I am doing it by faith.

I have found that when I pray for others God always meets my needs too.  The waterboy never goes thirsty.  It’s not why I pray for others, it’s simply a benefit from spending time thinking about others.  What we sow, we reap.

My prayers are not too formal.  They are like I talk to you, but with a lot more faith. 🙂  I’m not sharing this to brag, actually quite the opposite.  If I can pray for people, so can you.  Make a list of folks that you love, that you hate, that you run into.  Pray for them.  Wouldn’t it be horrible if a day went by and no one prayed for you?  The answer is yes.

You should pray too.  It’s good for you.  God loves it when we talk to him.  I think it makes him smile.

Bless you!

So today we celebrated my Grandma’s 90th birthday.  After church we stopped at home for a moment and then drove to Montesano to see Grandma.  We got her some cupcakes and sang to her.  We aren’t sure if she knew who we were, but she did enjoy having company.

Here I am with Grandma Moyer on her 90th Birthday.

Here I am with Grandma Moyer on her 90th Birthday.

We visited awhile, and then I showed her my iPod Touch, I had a lot of pictures on it.

Here I am showing Grandma some pictures of the family on my ipod.

Here I am showing Grandma some pictures of the family on my ipod.

It was a good day.   I got my walk in and even though it was cold, some how I didn’t get rained or snowed on.  🙂  Yay.  I made some chicken for dinner and then caught up on emails from the new Take Him With You podcast.  The new episode has been getting a lot of hits and people seem to be enjoying it.

Somehow my blog got number one on google in the images section for Fireproof the movie.  I blogged about it a few months ago and now people are searching for it.  So I have been getting a lot of traffic on my blog.  Cool.  Hi everybody!  This is a great movie recommended by Amy and I.

Graphic from the movie Fireproof

Graphic from the movie Fireproof

Bless you and please be praying as I prepare tomorrow for next week’s podcast.  It’s called Ouija Boards and Sunday School.