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#44- The Scrooge Diaries- Part 1 of  A Christmas Caroled Audio Musical Drama by Rick Moyer from Take Him With You


Part 1 of “A Christmas Caroled” by Rick Moyer


I start out by playing a promo for m CD Stargazer.  You can get your copy from CDbaby or Itunes, just click here- it’s onl $9.99 download or 12.97 for the CD.

I the talk about seeing Stryper in concert in Seattle on their 25th Anniversary tour.

I then share some cool scriptures from Luke Chapter 1 from the Message Bible.

I then share an awesome voicemail from Kenny, my friend from California.  Thanks for the very nice comment!  You are so encouraging.


I then talk about our attitudes during he holidays, and ways to be less grumpy.  Take a listen.

I then introduce THE SCROOGE DIARIES- We find Scrooge after the familiar story, then he tells us his story in the Musical Audio Drama “A Christmas Caroled”

A Christmas Caroled
by Rick Moyer with help from Suzie & Curt Holt.

Cast this week in part 1:

Feelix Cromwell (Lamp Lighter)  Mike Featherstone
Sarah Cratchit       Ruth Featherstone
Tiny Tim                  Cain Horton
Street Kids                Catherine Moyer
                                     Andrew Moyer
Ebenezer Scrooge   Rick Moyer
Evicted Woman      Amy Moyer
Bob Cratchit            Simon Meddings
J.R.Finnius               Rick Moyer
Douglas Worthington  Daniel Vieira
Jacob Marley          Tim Morris
“Merry Christmas Mr. Scrooge just the same” written and arranged by Rick Moyer
Sung by Rick Moyer, Catherine Moyer, Lola Bale and Amy Moyer

I end the podcast by playing The Christmas song as arranged by my friend Rob and sung by me!  🙂

Next week:  Part Two of the Scrooge Diaries and A Christmas Caroled the audio musical drama.

Thanks for listening, if you can help us out that would be awesome, please pray for us and if you can give something – please visite and click on donate.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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I play promos from a variety of my cool friends podcasts.

Waffle On
Champ Podcast
Knights of the Guild
Treks In Sci Fi
Appy Times


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Things start out with a quick intro and I talk about the Scrooge Diaries series coming up next week.

Then my friend Kenny shares a wonderful comment on bring thankful.

I share a cool song, and then Jen gives her comments.  Jen is awesome!

Dan in the U.K. talks about being thankful and about the Take Him With You podcast.  You rock Dan!

Sue shares a great comment on being thankful.  What a blessing!

Sue’s dad made a comment about being thankful for his health!  Awesome!

I then share a promo for my new CD Stargazer.  Get your copy today…

My friend Meds sends in an amazing comment on being thankful.  Meds, awesome my friend!!

Pauletta calls in on the voicemail and talks about being thankful! You are a blessing my friend!

My long time friend Curtis sends in a great comment, CURTIS YOU ROCK!

My friend Jeff sends in an excellent comment on being thankful.  Happpy 5th Anniversary to you and your wife Jeff!  And thanks for being a cool friend.

Tim from Oregon leaves a cool message about being thankful. 🙂  Thanks TIM!

Angela makes a great comment on being thankful.  Thank you Angela!

I then play another cool scripture memory song. Called Cry out save us.

I then interview Marko on skype.  Marko is a cancer survivor and he shares his story with us on how he dealt with some very hard experiences.

My friend Wendell sends in a great comment on being thankful.  I love you  and am thankful for your friendship.

My good friend Allen sends in a neat comment about being thankful.  Thank you Allen, I really enjoy your comments and perspective!

Darrell sends in a comment on why he is thankful.  AWESOME!

Sierra, Daniell,  and others share some laughter.  

I share communion everyone.

I pray with everyone.

I then share a cool song by Keith Urban called Thank you.

I am so blessed by all of your support and friendship.  Amy and I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Next week:  The Scrooge Diaries-  an amazing audio musical drama based on “The Christmas Carol”

I then play many promos:
Waffle On
Champ Podcast
Knights of the Guild
Treks In Sci Fi
Appy Times

#42 Don’t be such a Turkey- being kind in a cruel world!  Take Him With You with Rick & Amy Moyer

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My wife Amy joins me and we talk all about the new Christmas Caroled Drama coming out after Thanksgiving and then we talked about the Stargazer CD project.

We discuss the new dual monitor computer system that we were blessed with.

We talk about my son Nathan getting married to the love of his life IVY!

We now have a new Google Voicemail for Take Him With You  (206) 414-THWY (8499)

Please call and leave us a comment!

We play my friend Kenny’s comment for the show.

We talk about our newsletter.  The Weekly Encouragement.

Amy and I talk briefly about the ABC series V.  cool stuff.

Words of Wisdom
Amy reads the words of wisdom from the message Bible, this week we are in Ephesians Chapter 4:30-32

We ask for help financially to support the Moyer household and Take Him With You. Visit this page for more information and an opportunity to donate to THWY

We like feedback:
Rick & Amy Moyer
911 Chico Lane
Aberdeen WA 98520
(360) 581-3060

Food for Thought

Amy and I talk about kindness.  Amy is an expert in my opinion.  She is a very kind and loving person.  So I ask her questions and listen to her perspective on kindness.

We read a bunch of comments from Twitter and Facebook.  @moyer777

We take a voice mail from Rusty West.

I give everyone a sample of my flying monkey.  He screams pretty cool.
my mom gave him to me for my birthday.

We share more comments from Facebook.

My friend Allen shares a voicemail.  It is really a cool comment.

We talk about good attitudes.

Amy talks about her grandmother and her kindness.

I talked about Mrs. Whitlock, my grandma Hansen and my wife as being kind people in my life.

Characteristics of Kind People:
1.  They think about the needs of others
2.  They do things for people expecting nothing in return
3.  They are nice to people that are mean to them
4.  They don’t talk bad about others
5.  They have no intention of harm
6.  They encourage the best in others

we share some more about the Golden Rule,  and then pray for you!

Send in your comments to us via Email or call our voice mail (206) 413-THWY (8499)

I then play many promos:
Waffle On
Champ Podcast
Knights of the Guild
Treks In Sci Fi
Appy Times

BLESS YOU!  And thanks so much for listening to TAKE HIM WITH YOU.

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Next week— The special THANKSGIVING episode of TAKE HIM WITH YOU!  Get ready, we are going to have lots of great audio comments and even take communion together.

#41 Keeping you tank full of thankful- Take Him With You w/Rick Moyer  110809

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I start out and play a promo for the new Stargazer CD- and announce the contest winner.

please visit the site today and pick up your copy.

Congrats to THWY listener Jamie!   Your name was picked as the winner in the CD giveaway.  The CD is on it’s way to your house!

I talked about all the boxes left over from building the new computer.  Fun.  Amy wanted me to clean it all up for her birthday.

You guys that are married.  Make your wife happy. 🙂

I recorded a new parody song for Rico Dosties podcast.  It’s called Elephants in the Ready Room- sung to the tune of Smokin in the boys room.  It is all about the Next Generation Star Trek episode called “Chain of Command”  check it out here:

I talk about the new ABC series V


Andrew and I got interviewed by Jenni and Kenny from Knights of the Guild for their podcast.

listen to episode 9 part 2 for our interview

I talk about Geico.

Proverbs Chapter 8:1-11 (Message Bible)

I talk a lot about how to keep our lives full of thankfulness.  I did a cool poll on Facebook and Twitter-  How do you stay thankful?  I read a bunch of comments and comment myself.

Visit my facebook page:

I share a cool song from a Scripture memory song.  It’s from the CD called THANKSGIVING
Check it out:  HERE

I talk some more about staying thankful. 

Then I play a cool old Petra song called “I have a thankful heart”
Lyrics Language: English

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Petra Thankful Heart Lyrics:
Ephesians 5:20
Words by Bob Hartman and Dino Elefante
Music by John Elefante
I have a thankful heart that you have given me
And it can only come from you
There is no way to begin to tell you how I feel
There are no words to express how you’ve become so real
Jesus, you’ve given me so much I can’t repay
I have no offering
There is no way to begin to tell you how I feel
There’s nothing more I can say and no way to repay
Your warming touch that melts my heart of stone
Your steadfast love – I’ll never be alone
I have a thankful heart that you have given me
And it can only come from you
I have a thankful heart; words don’t come easily
But I am sure you can see my thankful heart
Help me be a man of God
A man who’s after Your own heart
Help me show my gratitude
And keep in me a thankful heart

I read some emails from Jose and Spaltor.

I then pray for you, and ask for your support for Take Him With You.  Please email me your comments, ideas and encouragment.

I then play many promos:
Waffle On
Champ Podcast
Knights of the Guild
Treks In Sci Fi
Appy Times

Thanks to everyone that listens, and to all that have donated.  Amy and I love you and appreciate you so much!

Bless you!

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