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May 1st, 2011

#117 Spiritual Boot Camp part 6- To share or not to share- all about evangelism

In this episode we talk about the new Planet of the Apes movie, mowing in the ran, fun at Easter,Voice Overs, the Ipad 2 and more. Our main subject on this episode is about sharing our faith, or as it’s called evangelism. We read your comments from face book and twitter, and we have a great discussion. We also play a great tune from Rez Band off their acoustic CD Appendectomy. Very cool episode, and we hope you enjoy it a bunch! Tell your friends, share on facebook and twitter, let people know about the Take Him With You Podcast! Thanks for listening.


April 24th, 2011

#116 Easter Special 2011- The Naitram Secret with Curtis Klinger

Play our Easter Special Here

Join us for our Easter Special! Amy and I play some really great music from Josh Bayne, Aaron Shust, and original song from me. We also talk about my son Nathan’s new film ONE NEW MESSAGE that played at the Fox Film Festival. We play some of the music from the soundtrack too. We talk about what Easter means to us. Then for our special presentation from Curtis Klinger He narrates a story called THE NAITRAM SECRET. I did the musical score to this awesome short story. We think you will love it! So Happy Easter from the Moyer family to yours! God bless you!

Hey everybody!  We have a special coming out this weekend written by our good friend Curtis Klinger he is a writer and author.  He will be narrating his new short story THE NAITRAM SECRET.  I did a musical score for this and really enjoyed the story.  I think you will too. 
Here is the audio promo, you will love it!

For this week we thought it would be fun to re-post our 2009 Easter Audio Drama- Beaten to a pulp.
You can download the entire drama for free, along with the soundtrack, the directors commentary and some dance/rave beat re-mixes.


Happy Easter to you and yours!

April 17th, 2011

#115 Spiritual Boot Camp- Donut dunking? All about baptism

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Here it is, the 5th installment of Spiritual Boot Camp- we talk all about baptism- we share your comments from Facebook and Twitter and then share our views. First we talk about a computer glitch, Gareth’s Ipod song, my upcoming macro photography show, the upcoming release of The Martians Are Here Podcast soundtrack, money raised toward my ipad, voice overs and MORE! We play a cool song called Down to the river by Alison Krauss. Very insightful podcast this week. We hope you enoy it!

Here are a couple of my macro shots.

April 10th, 2011

Play Podcast #114 Old vs. New

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Is there a difference between the God of Old Testament and the God of the New Testament? We talk about that, read your comments from Facebook and more! We talk with our daughter Catherine about her recent trip to Bainbridge Island to visit her grandparents, her new blog, we discuss Duffsters new podcast the Hugonaut, Sleep Number beds, The FastForward Podcast covering the Amazing Race, my new friend Gareth,and more! Great discussion, very interesting. At the end after playing some awesome promos from our friends, I play Disciple I just know. ROCK OUT!

From my sister in law, can you pray with us? “PRAYER NEEDED a co-worker of mine from Willapa, and her family, could really use some prayers…her little girl was pinned under a log in the surf and had to be revived, she coded twice and has a skull fracture and swelling on the brain, as you can imagine, things are not good… any and all prayers are very much appreciated! In God’s hands…” Her name is Kya.

April 4th, 2011

Play Podcast #113 Spritual Bootcamp part 3 Born a what?

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Join us for another awesome episode of the Spiritual Bootcamp series. This is part 3. On this episode we talk about restoring Windows 7 on a laptop, a cat calming collar, sharing at Quinault Valley Chapel, the THWY Beanie and more! Our main topic is all about the term Born Again,we read your comments from Facebook and discuss where the term comes from and what it really means. Then we play the coolest song from Jars of Clay- you will dig this weeks podcast! ENJOY!