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In Search of a Church

Posted: January 31, 2010 in Cool Stuff just for you

We are not church hoppers. By that, I mean, my family and I have been attending some type of church for over 23 years.  During that time we have been at the same church for over 12 years, before that 10 years.  I was on staff for 11 of them.   Then after some heart wrenching church politics, we resigned as pastors and started attending my good friend Ryan’s church in South Aberdeen.  We stayed there for a year.  Then the Lord spoke to us to start looking up toward Olympia, as we will most likely be moving up that way in the future. 

I have attended small churches, home Bible studies, semi large churches.  All of them have the worship of Jesus in common, but many of them come at this in completely different ways.  Unfortunatley, most of them we have been involved with treat the running of the church like a corporation, not a family.  Bylaws, board meetings and agendas seem to have tainted my church life.  Seems like many people would like to have superstars in the pulpit, financial gurus in the office and entertaining Sunday mornings. God’s community isn’t supposed to be that way.  It’s called a body for a reason.  It’s supposed to be a group of people, each doing their part, for the great good of Jesus, and those around them.  A team.  What a concept.   We are supposed to work TOGETHER for the Kingdom of God.  Love should win out, and scripture should be followed, taught and lived. 

No church is perfect.  Even if there was a perfect church, as soon as I waked in it would cease to be that way.  🙂  In other words, I’m not looking for perfection.  I’m looking for a community of people that love God, are not mean to people they don’t understand or relate to, live genuinley and are kind hard working people.  They know how to pray and really love the people around them.  I thought I had found that at one time, but was sadly mistaken. 

We have tried out the Westwood Baptist Church in Olympia for the last two Sundays.  So far I like what I see, but I have many more places to attend before I hang my hat and say I found a place to worship with my family. 

Things I liked about Westwood Baptist:
Great worship with songs I knew.
Solid Bible Teaching with a kind pastor.
Cool audio visual stuff (Of course I like that)

Things I didn’t like:
Only the greeters assigned for the day have talked with us. 
It’s a big church, could get lost in the crowd.

I’m trying to have a list of things that I want in a church.  Then I realized that a list isn’t the answer.  God’s will is.  In other words:  I need to be at the place God wants us.  Since I won’t find a perfect church, I could look for God’s perfect will for my family.  🙂  That is attainable if I keep my heart open to Jesus and my ears open to the Holy Spirit. 

Let the adventure continue!

Rick Moyer: Stargazer


#53 What in the World?  Does God cause Earthquakes?

I start out by playing a promo for Stargazer

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Catherine joins Amy and I as we talk about her 14th birthday, and  her new Ipod Touch

Amy and I talk about Human Target on FOX

We also talk about Season 8 of 24

I play a new Lord of the Rings Parody called “Frodo and Sam”

Words of Wisdom
Genesis Chapter 4 from the Message Bible

 We play the new Knights of the Guild Podcast promo with Kenny and Jenni.

Amy and I launch into a long discussion on why God allows tragedy in life. 

We read my impromptu Facebook and twitter poll “Is God mad at you?”  we get some very good answers, and I think you will like them.

Ok, then Amy and Pray for everyone, and close the show.  It’s a lot of fun for a serious subject.

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Next week?  What was Jesus big speech?  What did he have to say?

Rick Moyer: Stargazer

#52 Smiling- the power of laughter and humor.  Take Him With You Podcast with Rick Moyer

I start out by playing a promo for my CD Stargazer.
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I talk about my Mom and Dad’s 50th wedding anniversary.

Ron & Genevieve Moyer, my Mom and Dad

I got Nathan a new laptop hard drive for his Mac.  He is happy now!

Catherine is celebrating her birthday as well.  She will be 14 on the 30th.
She is saving up for an Ipod Touch.  Pretty cool.

CHUCK is back on NBC!

Jack is back as well.

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I talk a bit about Conan and Leno and the late night wars.

Genesis Chapter 3

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I share about humor, smiling and laughter.

I share a song by the David Crowder Band called “Our love is Loud”  it rocks.

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I play a bit of Louis Armstrong’s song “When you’re smiling”  I just love that song!

Thanks for listening.
Promos for Podcasts played during this episode….
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Champ Podcast
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Next week:  What in the world?

I got to do a really fun interview over Skype with Jen from the Anomaly Podcast

They published it on their podcast feed.  So if you want to take a listen, let me know what you thought!

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I got a nice surprise when I found my Stargazer CD on today.  I have been waiting for it to be posted, and now the wait is over.  The nice part is that they marked it less expensive than the other downloads.  So now you can get the download for only $8.99

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#51 Jean Luc and Jesus- Take Him With You Podcast for Jan 17th, 2010

We start out with a quick word on how to help the people of Haiti

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90999 can be texted with the word Haiti and $10 will be donated to the Red Cross for the people of Haiti.
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Then we move on to the show about Jean Luc & Jesus.

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Join Amy and I as we talk about

The Middle on ABC on Wednesdays.  Very funny.

We then talk about seeing Avatar in 3D.

We talked about fixing my DVD player.  🙂 and finding some TNG dvds at Walmart.

Words of Wisdom

I share Genesis chapter 2 from the Message Bible.

Food for Thought
Amy and I have a candid discussion on Star Trek, Humanism and our honeymoon.  🙂

I also share my impromptu twitter and facebook polls on who your favorite captain is from the Star Trek series.

I play some fun songs from my Star Trek Parody Catalog.

Next week:  “When you’re smiling”  Laughter, comedy and feeling good about life.

We would love to hear from you!

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