Catherine Got a New Turtle

Posted: February 27, 2009 in Cool Stuff just for you

Catherine got a turtle.

His name is Raphael.  Here are some pictures and Catherine’s report on turtles.

Raphael, Catherines turtle

Raphael, Catherine's turtle


by Catherine Moyer2/26/09

I just got a turtle named Raphael and he is very cute. He is a red eared aquatic turtle. He eats raw meat, dried crickets, worms and turtle food but they can eat plants
and vegetables if they want. Lately my turtle isn’t eating.  I think it might be a little scared me and a little home sick.

He lives in an aquarium tank and has to have a heater and heat lamp. He has a big log, a lot of small rocks, and a couple of big rocks. He has to stand on his toes to get air or he climbs one of the things in the tank.

My cats really are curious of him and like to sit on my chair and watch him. I think all of my family likes Raphael a lot. He sure is cute. We have a little container he eats in because we don’t want to get the tank dirty. He is very fast for a turtle. I always thought that they were really slow but they can run really fast.

The Red eared slider turtle is most popular in the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, the U.K., and Japan.  They originated in the United states by the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico. They are all over the world now because of pet trade.  Turtles in the wild hibernate. They usually hibernate when it is really cold like lower then 50*F. They go under water when they hibernate.  I don’t know how long exactly they stay under but I think they stay under for a few months.

These turtles love to swim and are really good at it too. My turtle is very cute he has so much detail to him. He has these big circles on his tummy and he has all this detail that is kind of hard to explain. I just tried to take some pics of Raph and I don’t think he liked it to much. I don’t think I’d like too much if a giant came and started having something flash in my face either.

Like I said before that they have to have heaters and heat lamps or else the turtle will most likely die. This is because of them being cold blooded and can not produce heat. So the heater and lamp give the turtle heat to live. My turtle’s heater broke so yesterday me and my dad went and got a heater at the store. They cost a different price for each size you want, ours cost about $20.00.

I have loved having a turtle so far, but they are a lot of work and money. I have only had Raph for about three days and it has been fun but there will probably be some difficulty’s with it but it will be ok, that’s what happens when you have a pet.


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