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Gee whiz, what a lazy cat.  I found him there half the day.

Today was good. Spent a lot of time working on my Christmas project, Amy cleaned house for Catherine’s party tonight, and then we all went in to Mazatlan and used my birthday gift certificate.  Yum. 

Then we got home and I went on my walk.  It was in between the rain showers.  When I got home the house fille up with a bunch of 12 year old girls.. here they are:

Sarah, Hannah, Catherine and Stephanie

Sarah, Hannah, Catherine and StephanieI proceeded to try and hand out candy, but we only got like nine trick or treaters.

 I tried to hand out candy with my mask, but must have had too much of the force, no one else showed up.

 The girls had a pumpkin carving contest for their harvest party…

this is the winning entry…

Ok, here we go.. the top ten things we learned today:

1.  (Amy)  That it’s good to have friends that help you out of troubles.

2.  (Rick)  Photoshop is a great program and I’m glad I have it to use.

3.  (Amy)  that four pre-teen girls in one room make your ears hurt.

4.  (Rick)  Lunch with my family was fun. But they didn’t give us enough tortilla chips.

5.  (Amy)  It’s a good thing that carmel apples only come once a year, they are just too tastey!

6.  (Rick)  Ross (The store, not my friend) is tempting to geeky people like me.  Too many ipod accesories… ahhhh! Keep me away!

7.  (Amy)  that Lise Wood loves me.  She is a great friend.

8.  (Rick)  That Darth Vader helmets really hurt your ears.  I’m glad I don’t need artificial breathing apparatus.

9.  (Amy) that today was a good day.

10.  (Rick)  I get inspired on my walks, wrote another song.  Nice!

OK, there you go!

live long, and prosper

live long, and prosper


We were up early today for a trip to Olympia.  I met with a group of pastors and Amy and Catherine went shopping. Then we met with a friend of ours.  After that we went out to lunch at Olive Garden.  I had a gift card for the place.  I’m not a huge fan, but Amy and Cat loved it.  I tolerated it.  🙂  Hey, it was free.  🙂  Thank you Ezra and Beckah, it was sweet of you.

When we got home Amy and Cat went to the movies to see High School Musical Three.  I went on a walk and listend to Pastor Steve’s message from Sunday the 26th, which by the way was excellent.  Wow.  It spoke to my heart.

Then tonight I baked a Turkey for dinner, and then carved Pumpkins with Catherine.  Here is Catherine’s brainchild, the smiley heart face pumpkin.

Catherines pumpkin this year

Catherine's pumpkin this year

And then, not to be outdone I had to do a dual sided star trek pumpkin.

cats pumpkin, and my starfleet logo.

Sherri, youll love this one.  The Vulcan Hand Salute

Sherri, you'll love this one. The Vulcan Hand Salutecats pumpkin, and my starfleet logo.

I guess we should have done some witnessing pumpkins.. but I wasn’t feeling super religious tonight.  heheh.  I guess the beer can pumpkin was out.  (just joking) 
Ok, the top ten things that we learned today:
1.  (Amy)  It’s fun to bond with my daughter while teaching her the art of bargain shopping.  Go Goodwill!
2  (Rick)  I can be grumpy when I’m uncomfortable.
3.  (Amy)  Olive Garden is a good place to eat, even though Rick tolerated it. 
4.  (Rick)  I actually enjoyed my meal at Olive Garden, braised spare ribs with tortelini. The beef was good.
5.  (Amy)  The trees to and from Olympia were even better looking this time.  God is the best artist!
6,  (Rick)  That ministry is pretty much the same across the board, at big or little churches.
7.  (Amy)  Catherine and I had fun watching High School Musical three today.
8.  (Rick)  Walking was refreshing today, but I was tired.
9.  (Amy)  That I have should have worn my new balance tennis shoes today.  Rule: Over Forty- Comfort over fashion.
10.  (Rick)  When you have a lot of time off in a row, you start forgetting what day it is.
There you go.  Any comments?  We love comments.  We got 94 hits yesterday.  Huh?  Where are they all coming from?  Thanks for reading.  We enjoy doing this everyday.

We were headed out for our walk tonight when Kathy and Ginger showed up to bless us with some Chicken, Shampoo, toothpaste and fun!  They were so sweet!  Then when we started on our walk Kathy stuck her head out of her car… “Hey Rick, do you think you could help me get my car to go in gear?”  Well after Paul, Wendell and I tried everything we could, her car would not go into reverse.  It now sits in my driveway after Wendell’s cool hydrolic jack helped us move it around.  Pray that Kathy is blessed with someone that can help her get it fixed.  Amy loaded up her groceries and took her home.

Ok, here are the top ten things we learned today:

1.  (Amy)  even if people get stranded in your driveway, it can be fun to hang out and fellowship.

2.  (Rick)  That Ocean Palace still has the best Chow Mein ever.  Man, it’s good.

3.  (Amy)  It was great to hang out with my Mom today.  I love her.

4.  (Rick)  That not everyone on the Internet is who or what they say they are!  (but then I knew that)

5.  (Amy)  It’s good to soak in the tub till your toes get “pruney” 🙂

6.  (Rick)  I like it when Amy plays with my hair.  (It makes me purr)- see blog this morning.

7.  (Amy)  That God wants Rick and I to get to know each other as “Life” partners not just “ministry” partners.

8.  (Rick) Belated birthday presents are great, and cards are very funny.  (thanks Wendell and Adam!)

9.  (Amy)  The Bible says- Rejoicing plus praying plus realizing God is near equals peace. 

10.  (Rick)  That God has a sense of humor.  And I’m glad about that. 🙂

Amy and I celebrate our birthday’s one week apart.  I’m on the 26th of October and she is on November 2nd.  I am older by a year and one week.  So I married a younger woman!  🙂  She likes that.

So my birthday was awesome.  In fact I’m going out for lunch with Amy and her mom today.  Chinese food!  YEAH!

Here is a fun photo from my bday.

It started out the night before by meeting some of my friends at Living Water church and then going out afterwards.  When I got home I got a package in the mail.  It was from my cool friend Kenny from California.  I opened it and it was a hard drive?  Now, knowing Kenny, I was very excited to hook it up and see what was on it….  let’s just say it was everything I could have hoped for as a star trek fan and sci fi buff.  I won’t go into detail but suffice it to say it was awesome.  250 GIGS OF SWEETNESS!  I had to get online and thank him.  HOW cool!  I had a few cards that were dropped off with some gift certificates to mexican food, itunes and then in my email my friend Jeff from Canada sent me an amazon gift certificate, as well as last night I got one from Jen from Texas too!  SWEET!  I’m putting that toward my ipod touch.  yeah!  My good friends from Treks in Sci Fi made me birthday greetings on video.  Check them out.  They are so funny!  And some of them even wrote me poems and cool greetings.  They made me cry!  Thanks guys and gals!  Nathan and Preston took pictures of Stripey, blew them up and gave me framed pictures of them.  That was cool

In the morning I got up and got a nice card from my wife.  She is sweet.  She baked me a chocolate cake, the kids went to church and then I recorded the Ready Room podcast with Jen and Kenny.  That was an awesome treat on my birthday.  I love spending time with them.  They are great people.  My friends Kenny and Sherri and Tyler came over for lunch.  They gave me a cool card with some Itunes in it.  Yes! My good friend Jerry and Kathy brought me over a cool sci fi dvd and an awesome Star Wars card.  And some other friends dropped by to say hi.  My friend Ron gave me a cool book about a Chinese man who worked with the underground church.   I felt very loved and appreciated.  How nice.

My friend Tyler

My friend Tyler

We made fried chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy.  Oh yeah!  I don’t get that much, so it was  a real treat.  I love Kenny and Sherri so much.  They are true friends.  We laughed and talked and ate some good food.  Then Andrew brought me my cake.  Tyle and I shared licking the candles of their cream cheese frosting!

After that I put on my ipod listened to Rico’s podcast and went on my walk.  When I got home Amy helped me load up my car and I headed up to be with my Dad for his medical procedure the next day.



It was a great day of family and friends.  I am truly thankful.  I prefer the relationships over presents, but both are nice.  How awesome.  God has blessed me with friends from all walks of life, and that makes me a truly richer person. 

Now, what will I do for Amy this weekend?  Hmmmm.  I have some ideas!  On Saturday we are going with our good friends John and Beth to Olympia for church and then Red Lobster!  On Sunday some other friends are coming over for lunch. It should be great.  I’m looking forward to it.

Fickle and Furry

Posted: October 29, 2008 in Cool Stuff just for you

This morning I was checking my email and starting to wake up when I felt this odd furry and tickly sensation on my leg.  Yes, it was Stripey my cat.  Now  you have to understand that he NEVER comes to me, I always have to go to him.  It’s not a mutual relationship.  It never is when a cat is involved.  They aren’t like dogs.  Dogs jump up and down if you enter the room, even if you only been gone a few minutes.  They greet  you at the door, they want to be with you.  Cats could care less, unless it’s on their terms.

So knowing this was a rare occurence I picked him up and put him on my lap.  He began to purr.  He sat down and nudged me.  WOW.  So I took advantage of the situation and quit typing.  I held him, stoked his fur and scratched his ears.  He kept purring and actually sat there for a good 15 minutes.  MIRACLES never cease.    I mean, you would think that the little fella would be grateful for his life.  We feed him, give him treats, let him drink our cereal milk, let him crash out in various places in the house, protect him, etc.  But no.  His affection is on his terms, and his alone.  We may provide all that he needs, but in his arrogance he pokes his nose in the air and thinks he “owns” us, not the other way around.   He is so fickle.  I later found out that his food bowl was empty.  He just wanted food, and would tolerate me for a few minutes to get what he wanted.

You know where this is leading don’t you?

God showed me very clearly that I am so much like a cat.  I’m fickle at times.   Isn’t it sad that after all God provides for me, including his presence, that I at times choose to put my nose in the air and do what I want, not even aknowleging him?  I don’t want to have a relationship with Jesus that is on MY terms.  That’s like straightarming Jesus.  Who would want to do that? 

I just loved holding my cat this morning and stroking his soft fur and hearing him purr loudly.  The little nudging made me think he cared about me!  Imagine wht God wants.  He loves it so much when we sit on his lap and simply let him comfort us.  He wan’ts to communicate and he wants to love on us, it is we that don’t let him.

So I guess I have a choice.  I can either snuggle up to Jesus or I can live an independant supposedly self sufficient life.  My choice.  

My prayer-  Help me Lord not to be fickle with you.  I don’t want to miss those times of communication and comfort with you.  I want you to know how grateful I am for your provision and love for me.  THANK YOU for all you do and have done, and will do.  I love you.  If I could purr, I would.  In Jesus name,  Amen.

What we learned today…


1.  (Amy) I learned that Jeremiah was in prison when he prophesied that the Messiah was going to set things right.

2.  (Rick)  I want to sleep in.  But that hasn’t worked yet.

3.  (Amy)  It’s possible to seriously pray and grocery shop at the same time.

4.  (Rick)  That when inspiration hits, I should go with it!

5.  (Amy)  I can be angry at God sometimes, and it’s good to tell him.  I get it off my chest and he is big enough to handle it.

6.  (Rick)  that sometimes being off work can be busier than when you are at work.

7.  (Amy)  To be content in all things.. well, I am still learning that.

8.  (Rick)  Getting out and walking even when you don’t want to, is a good thing.

9.  (Amy)  I learned that for sanity’s sake I need a break or two.

10.  (Rick)  I learned that Amy needs a break from me.  or two.

From the deck of the Ferry to Bainbridge Island

From the deck of the Ferry to Bainbridge Island

Well I spent the day with my Mom and Dad over in Seattle today.  Dad had a procedure that was supposed to shock his heart back into rhythm.  It didn’t work, so now they have to explore other options.  The doctors will meet with him in a couple of weeks to discuss options.  Please pray for my Dad, he’s out of danger, but is very tired.  We need to pray that his heart gets back to beating correctly so that he can be energetic again.
I took some cool pictures on the Ferry ride and while we were in Seattle.  You can visit my myspace gallery to check them all out.  As for right now, here are a couple.
Dad and I

Dad and I


leaves and buildings

leaves and buildings


The reflection in the porthole

The reflection in the porthole


Seattle in the mist

Seattle in the mist

Ok, the top ten things we learned today.
1.  (Rick)  That the fall leaves are absolutley amazing right now.
2.  (Amy)  I miss Rick when he’s gone for over 24 hours.
3.  (Rick)  That it’s good to spend time with my parents when they are going through tough stuff.
4.  (Amy)  That the Bible is the ultimate Love Story with the white horse and everything at the end!
5.  (Rick)  if we don’t look around us, we don’t see the beauty in our surroundings.
6.  (Amy)  When you listen to God then you hear how much he loves you.
7.  (Rick)  That the anomaly podcast is a crack up.  You should listen to it.
8.  (Amy)  That God and I have something in common, I write important things on my hand cause I’m not Techy.  God says he has engraved me on the palm of his hands.  (Is. 49:15-16)
9.  (Rick)  that gas prices have gone down.. I got it for only $2.49 a gallon in Belfair.
10. (Amy)  That God is relentless.