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Join Amy and me as we talk about 26 years together, chirping frogs, ocean recordings and our dog’s second birthday. Plus more… how to communicate more effectively with your spouse and other little bits of truth. Fun show!


#176 On Deck – The story of Noah part 2

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Join Amy and me as we talk about making music, Apple TV, Doggy discipline and more. Then we talk about Noah and what God asked him to do and how it relates to us in this day and age. GOOD STUFF! Oh and I play a song for my Dad for Father’s day.

#175 On Deck- the story of Noah part 1

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Join Amy and me as we talk about Prometheus, The new TV show Saving Hope, The Touch finale, Doggy Obedience and Catherine’s car fix. Then on to the big subject the life

#174 The Truth In Ruth part 4- Deal or no Deal

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On this episode I drive Amy crazy with Cat Piano, an app on my iPhone, we talk about fun stuff and then cover the 4th chapter of the Book of Ruth. We play a Kelly Clarkson song and all sorts of other fun stuff. Come take a listen!

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