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God in a box

Posted: March 29, 2011 in Cool Stuff just for you

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Play the message GOD IN A BOX

Here is the special message I shared with the Quinault Valley Chapel youth group on Saturday the 26th, 2011.

I hope you enjoy it!


March 27th, 2011

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This week, a review of the movie Unstoppable, All Star Superman, Young Justice the Cartoon network show,then we talk about the TV show American Idol and the top 11. We have some very kind comments from our listeners and friends Gareth and Marko. Then we move on to talk about the original sin in the Garden of Eden. We read from Genesis chapter 3 and explain what believers think the Bible means. We tackle the question- are human beings good or bad at the core? We read your comments from Facebook and Twitter, good stuff this week! Come take a listen to this fascinating discussion!

At the end of the podcast I play a cool old song by Larry Bryant called FROG IN A BOX, you can purchase your copy here. 

March 20th, 2011

You’re in the army now!

Play Spiritual Boot Camp Part 1 HERE

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Join us for some fun discussions on the new App Hey Tell and actually talk to our friend Sue, Kenny and Richard with it. We talk about GPS technology and how it can be creepy. We review the Scy Fy Network reality show called FACE OFF that deals with movie make up. We discuss the season finale of V on ABC and who our favorite character was. I mention Amys addiction to Words with Friends. I talk about the finale of The Martians Are Here Podcast. Our main subject is what the Bible says about Creation. We share some opinions from Facebook and read Genesis Chapter 1. The show ends up by having a song called Indescribable by Chris Tomlin. GREAT SHOW in our Spiritual Boot Camp series.



One of the best feelings in the world is to be recognized for who we are and what we do. One of the worst feelings is to be misunderstood and disregarded.  It’s funny to me how people can judge us by our victories and our failures.  Most people who are victorious in whatever area have had many failures getting there.  We remember most people for their significant accomplishments or current popularity, not for how many times they fell flat on their face.  In fact we should be less fickle than that. 

There is a serious problem in our world today.  We are shallow and selfish and promote people for their good looks and charm instead of their integrity and character.  I had someone tell me that because of the hard stuff I had been through I was damaged goods.  At first I got mad, then I thought about it.  They were right.  All of us are damaged goods.  I can’t name one person that hasn’t been through something life altering.  It’s what makes us who we are.  The experiences we have in life make us or break us.  If we allow the tough times to teach us, then we come out better in the end, if we don’t then we are bound to repeat our failures.   My point is that someone who presents themselves as perfect, or superior is in fact a liar.  They aren’t living in reality.  I would much rather follow a leader who is transparent and real, baggage and all, then a self righteous con man who is self anointed and self appointed. 

All of us have failed, and guess what?  We are in good company.  Anybody that makes any difference at all in this world has had their fair share of hard knocks.  We can look at a host of Biblical characters like Moses, who killed the Egyptian, yet went on to deliver his people.  There is  Joseph who was arrogant and a bragger, betrayed, falsely accused, thrown into prison and damaged, ended up the 2nd in charge of Egypt.  How about Kind David?  He was an adulterer and murderer yet God called him a Man after his own heart.   What gives?  Even Jesus was considered a failure.  He was supposed to come, overthrow the government and set up this amazing kingdom.. and he was beaten, crucified on the cross and died.  Look what happened with him!

Not only do we see folks in the Bible, but there are scores more of them in the history of our Nations.  Men and women that defied the odds to overcome and do great things.  They didn’t let failure stop them from being who they were supposed to be. They got back up when life knocked them down. They took what they experienced and used it to catapult them into the next phase of life, or died trying.  

I planted my sunflower seeds in potting soil a few days ago.  The seeds began to rot and die in the soil as the sprout used them as nutrients to shoot up and out of the dirt.  I snapped a picture of the old seed broken and hanging on the end of the new shoot.  It made me think of how the seed was left over from the dead plant that we grew last year.  It was damaged goods.  Look at the life it brought. 

We are all damaged goods, and we should be proud of it.   We are all broken, and we  need a savior to help us be all that we can be.  We should  take all the things that have hurt us over the years and let them make us stronger.  God never asked us to be perfect.  We don’t have to be Wonder Woman or Superman.  In fact the whole reason Jesus came and did what he did for us was so that imperfect, broken, hurting people could be used by a perfect God.  We are victors, not victims. 

Are we ready to get out of the pit of self pity and what others think of us?  It’s time.  Many of us could be doing great things and helping others in ways we can’t imagine, if we would simply be ok with being broken.  Broken things bring life. Let’s embrace our brokenness and join the damaged goods club.


Join us as we talk about our new rose bushes, the Verizon Iphone, a review of the movie MONSTERS, then we interview our friends Al and Joyce Kessel, the hosts of Tales from the Mouse House, FastForward and Just Because podcasts. It’s a great show with a lot of cool information. At the end I play a great song by the band Novella called Right in the Middle. ENJOY!



My brother, our friend Matt and Me singing Willie Nelson tunes.


Every one of us has dreams.  We get them as children and they stick with us all through our life.  I was refelcting on all the things I have done in my life up to this point and how grateful I am for those people that helped fuel my dreams.  I came to the conclusion that if others have helped us, then we should, in turn help others to dream along the way too.


I think of my parents and how they encouraged me to use my speaking abilities by getting me involved in speech tournaments.  They also bought me my first musical instrument and put up with my piano, guitar and saxophone playing.  When they bought me my first electric guitar, they probably regretted it at first, but later they would hear the songs that I wrote and smile.  I would often see my parents beaming from ear to ear on the front row during the musicals that I wrote as they were being performed.  


Besides my parents, my uncle Bruce was the first to really invest in my musical mayhem.  He gave me my first guitar.   It was an acoustic 12 string.  He didn’t just give me the guitar, he taught me how to play the song “House of the rising sun” by the Animals.  If you can play that song, you can play just about any rock song that exists.  I played that thing till my fingers bled.  I could finally get what I heard on the inside of my heart out to a listening audience.  And I did.  I have played in front of thousands of people over the years.  My uncle helped fuel my dreams.  As a result I have tried to help others get musical instruments over the years.  If I could fuel someones dream like my uncle and my parents did mine, then I have done something worthwhile with my life. 


Another person that helped me along my path was a man named Dick Whitlock. Dick was an older man, the husband of my childhood babysitter.  He drove a classic old car, worked in his shop a lot with his hands and LOVED music.   He saw the music in me and let me listen to his record collection.  He bought a microphone for his cassette deck and let me play DJ on the weekends with his music.  He would take me to Payless House of Values on Saturdays to pick up the latest hit 45 record.  We would take them back to his place and give them a spin.  He was so cool, because he never limited us to any particular music genre.  One week we would be listening to Blondie, and the next to Willie Nelson.  He even made me listen to the “B” side of the 45.  I remember him saying that many people pass by some very good music just because of the charts.  That an artist had more depth than just one single.  Dick believed in me and fueled my dreams.  My first job besides working in the electronics department at J.C. Penney’s,was a DJ at a local radio station on the weekends. 


I think of my brother who gave me part of his cassette collection and I got my first taste of Heart, Styx and Fleetwood Mac.  He had now idea what that would inspire in me.  The whole world opened up to me and one of the reasons I make music is because he helped fuel my dreams.

  Of course I will never forget how things really changed for me music wise.  It was shortly after I had given my life over to God.  I had a pretty radical conversion to believing in a personal relationship with Christ.  I had sat down at grand piano late one night in the Hoquiam Presbyterian Church and was frustrated because I just couldn’t play like I wanted too.  I had no piano lessons and to this day don’t put my fingers on the keys correctly.  I prayed.  I asked God to help me express what I heard inside.  That very night my playing changed.  The creator of the universe fueled my dreams.  I dedicated my talents to Him and he has helped my dreams come true. 


There have been countless teachers, coaches, employers and friends that have inspired me over the years as well, and I am so grateful for the folks that have helped fuel my dreams.



So who do we help?  How do we fuel someone elses dreams? Is there somebody that needs an encouraging note? Do they need  help buying their first guitar?  Maybe we know someone who we need to buy theater tickets for, or someone that needs a kind word of encouragement.  I challenge us to help fuel someones dreams.  It doesn’t have to cost a huge amount, just take a breath and look around us. Look for the good things in others and dare to bring them out. 

Play the podcast The pros and cons of organized religion

Join us for a discussion on my friend Curts new audio project, The Martians Are Here Podcast Finale, Spiritual Boot Camp and more!  I play a cool new song I wrote about Star Trek the Next Generation and then we talk about the pros and cons of organized religion. It’s a fascinating look at a hard subject.  Join us for some cool U2 music as well as Sanctus Real.