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The Lord’s Prayer examined!

GPS units, 24 and Jack won’t be back, accidently erasing emails, and Amy joins me to talk about The Lord’s Prayer how did Jesus tell us to pray? This time on THWY.

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Join Amy and I as we talk about the U.S. Census, cleaning and organizing my work station, Tess and Daylight Savings time plus more! Genesis 39 is read about Joseph and Potifer’s wife, plus the main topic, Talking to God 101- myth busting prayer. It’s a packed episode of fun!

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Chapter 1

This is the podcast I am narrating and doing the music for.  Check it out.  VERY COOL.  It’s a weekly podcast too.  How awesome.

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Join Amy and I as we review the movie 2012, we talk about my black ears, our broken TV and more! Words of wisdom about the life of Joseph, and our big subject: Money Matters are on deck. The discussion centers on practical and biblical ideas about money and the use of it. Is it evil? Find out on this episode of Take Him With You! Check out our youtube video of “our house” at

On #58 of Take Him With You- The Cheating Chat, Amy joins me to talk about cheating, how to guard your relationships, geeky subjects and more! Amy reviews the Arnold movie “Eraser” we talk about the TV show Survivor, Sleep Number beds, the show “Cheaters” and more.  We cover a Facebook and Twitter poll on why people cheat, and an email from a man that did cheat many years ago and what he learned.  It’s very insightful.  Take a listen and let us know what you think.

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This episode is a little longer than normal, but the subject matter was pretty intense.  We felt like we needed to make sure we covered fully.  Thanks!