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#165 Pardon Me

Posted: March 31, 2012 in Cool Stuff just for you

#165 Pardon Me

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Join Amy and me for an uplifting podcast this week. I share the website that is selling my meditation music, we talk about work and what has been going on this week and then read a bunch about Joseph and his brothers. We are at the point in the story where he makes a choice to forgive them. We relate that to our lives and how we can best move forward. Great music from Rez Band and more! ENJOY!

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#164 Anybody Hungry?

Posted: March 24, 2012 in Cool Stuff just for you

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Join us for a big discussion on the new movie HUNGER GAMES. Are there Biblical themes in the movie or not. Plus cool music and fun at the Moyers house. Enjoy!

I’ll never forget one day at the county jail.  I volunteered for “Jail ministry” at the church I was going too.  Usually only a couple of people wanted anything to do with visiting people in prison since it was most definitely uncomfortable and often times difficult.  We all had to go through a back ground check, get fingerprinted and be searched before going in.  The guards would meet us at the other end of the intake door and then usher the ladies to the women’s side of the jail and us guys to the men’s.  In our particular jail the biggest room to congregate in was the library.  You can guess that most everyone that was in jail wanted to do something besides stare at their cell on a Sunday afternoon,  so many would come to the church service that was offered.  The only thing was, that since it was a smaller jail, everything was up close and personal.



On this day they had searched my guitar case, checked my pockets and then asked me to get in the elevator with the guard.  He promptly radioed the command center and off we went to the second floor where we picked up a bunch of inmates in their blue jumpsuits and jail issued flip flops.  Now stuffed in the elevator, up close and personal we made our way to the third floor where another group of men were waiting outside a larger room.  The room was opened revealing five picnic like metal tables bolted to the floor, a row of book shelves full of books on one side, a toilet and some barred frosted windows towards the top of the farthest wall.  The inmates all filed in and took their seats at the tables.  They were making all sorts of wise cracks and being kind of crazy when the guard looks at me and says, “you’ve got 30 minutes  I’ll be back to open the door then.” Inside I kind of freaked.  He was leaving me alone with these guys?  There was like 25 of them, and one of me.  I had never been in jail before… and all I could do was think… of the headline in the paper the next day.  YOUNG PREACHER DIES IN JAIL, LEFT ALONE IN THE LIBRARY!    Well thank God I had some advice given to me before I went in from a seasoned old preacher.  He said that they are like wolves and they run in a pack.  Make sure you take charge right away, and shoot straight, otherwise you will waste your time.



AND SO… I did.  Without hesitation I asked them all to give me their attention.  It didn’t work at first and then I yelled out  “SHUT UP!”  They all stared at me.  I said “Look, I only get a few minutes with you and what I have to say may just change your life so listen up”  They kind of chuckled at me but got quiet.  I shared my heart with them in terms they could completely understand.  I sang a couple of songs for them and then I prayed for them.  After I said “Amen”  one of the inmates asked a question, I answered and then another one challenged me.  He said— “You know, you talk about all this God stuff and how I can be free, but when we are done here, you get to go home to your wife and kids!  I’ve got to stay in this “Hell Hole” and put up with a bunch of @#$%^&*~!  Everyone kind of sighed at the same time in agreement.  It was then that I realized something that has changed my life.  It really doesn’t matter where we are at physically.  We can all be in jail.  Many times our own actions put us there.  Sometimes we don’t let go of the past, other times it’s not totally our fault, but one thing is for sure- no physical boundary can stop us from being Spiritually and emotionally free.  I looked at him and the others with compassion in my eyes and said-  “Yep, you are right.  I get to go home today, and you don’t.  I’m a free man-  But, you can be just as free as me, all of you can.”  They all stared at me now very intensely.  I stated “You may be locked up here in this jail, but you can all be free on the inside in a matter of moments if you want to be.”  I went on to explain how Christ sets us free when we agree to accept what he has done for us on the cross, and how he isn’t all about religion and regulation, but he is about relationship.  I could see the lights going on in a bunch of the guys heads. I explained how our attitude is what locks us up and the way we think about life and God can hold us captive.    Then I felt led to ask them all if they wanted to be free like I mentioned.  I asked “How many of you want to be free even if you are locked up?  With our eyes open and as God is my witness, every last one of them raised their hand.  Shivers went down my spine and I was overwhelmed by the love of God in the sparse generic library of the Grays Harbor County Jail.  We prayed together and each one of them men asked for to be set free and received what Jesus had done for them on the cross.  Then we all just kind of sat there for a moment.  Like we really didn’t know what had just happened.  The door buzzed and the guard came in.  The guys got up and started to make their way to the door.  Several stopped and thanked me for the way I presented the message, and believe it or not a few, with tears in their eyes, said thanks for opening my eyes.  One of the guys tugged on my shirt, I turned around and he said, “it’s nice to be free even though I have to go back to my cell”


So all that to ask the question.  Are you free?  Or are you bound up in the decisions of the past, the spiraling debt or horrible relationship aftermath?  It doesn’t matter where you are, just like the prisoners, you can be free right now.  You don’t have to let the circumstances of life keep you down.  You have a God that loves you and wants the best for you and you have a free will to be able to acknowledge him.  Why not?  Break free of all the comments from those that have told you that you can’t.  Or those people that have told you that you shouldn’t.  Don’t let anyone stand in the way of your freedom.  God gave you that freedom, the freedom to be you, everything that God made you to be.


Here is how I pray:  Thank you Jesus for being so incredible, so amazing that you would die for me and raise again.  Thank you for setting me free so that I can do all that you made me to do.  Help me get out of the crap that is holding me back and open doors that I might walk in the freedom you have purchased for me.  I NEED Y OU!  Open my eyes and my heart so that I can follow you and what you have for me.  I may have my quirks, problems and issues, but I’m not going to let them hold me back.  I want my future to be in your hands God.  So I give it over to you and promise to be aware of what you are presenting to me and doing in me.  AMEN.

Be free!

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How can we succeed even when we are going through a rough time? That is the main topic on the podcast this week. We talk about the new iPad announcement, the GarageBand update and the iMovie trailer update. I play some of the music from the iPad and we talk about if dreams are spiritual or not. Great and fun discussion this week from Genesis 40. Join us please!

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Join us for part 3 or our Sunday Cool series where we discuss how stories from the Bible relate to our everyday modern lives. We talk about gas prices, Chef Ramsey, talent agents,, doing Taxes, and lots of driving. We then talk about Genesis 39 and how Joseph was falsely accused. We talk about your comments on facebook and then end up praying for everyone. I play a Skillet song called Moster. ENJOY!