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#160 A funny thing happened on my way to meet my brothers!

Feb 26th, 2012

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You are in a for a fun ride on this podcast! We talk about Catherine’s new job, the upcoming Tulip Festival, and journey back to the 80s. We discuss getting a Cylon tattoo, the DVD Blade Runner and blu rays of Star Trek movies. Then the subject we discuss how people react to bad things that happen to them. We read our Facebook impromptu question and then talk about chapter 37 in Genesis. We examine what happened to Joseph when his brothers attacked him. Then we relate what Joseph experienced to our own everyday lives. GREAT SHOW!


#159 Sunday Cool- Dreams

Posted: February 18, 2012 in Cool Stuff just for you

February 19th, 2012

#159 Sunday Cool- Dreams

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What do the stories from the Bible have to do with everyday life? We start a brand new series on the practical reasons behind the stories in the Bible. This week we discuss the first part of Joseph and his crazy life. We talk about the dreams he had and who he shared them with. We also talk about the T.V. Programs the Amazing Race, Survivor, Person of Interest, and Alcatraz. We also read your comments from the impromptu question that I put on Facebook- who do you share your hopes and dreams with and why? GREAT SHOW with a cool song from Greg X. Volz. Please enjoy!

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Join us for a fun report about the Styx concert in Aberdeen WA, and all about Catherine getting her license. I do impromptu country music songs and then we have a great discussion on perspective. We pray for you too!