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#130 Money- Is it the root of all evil?

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On this episode we talk about the new Captain America Movie, our new electric lawn mower, Amy getting secret wifi signals, the new website and more!  Then we discuss the whole concept of money.  Is it the root of all evil?  What did Jesus say about money?  Come find out.

Come watch Jade be hilarious on her Dogumentary!



#129 Smorgasbord- The Take Him With You Podcast with Rick & Amy Moyer


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Join us for a Smorgasbord of topics on this weeks Take Him With You. Topics include Law and Order Criminal Intent Atlantis Space Shuttle Launch Star Trek Movie The Captains We also discuss Catherine’s Art Class, and how to survive transition in your job, life and home.

#128 What about raising children?


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We have a great dicussion on raising kids and what the Bible really says about it.

#127 What about Women Part 2

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Join us for our follow up conversation on the equality of women in our society. We talk about the upcoming art walk, sing a silly song together and then read your comments to the question should men and women be equal. It is a great podcast this week, please come take a listen. We also talk about the book Why Not Women.

#126 What about Women?  Part 1

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Join me and my wife Amy as we talk about our flowers, Andrew and Nathan’s new job, play some cool music I have been working on and more! Today is part 1 of What about Women. This discussion covers what the Bible really says about women and Amy shares statistics on how women are treated around the world. Come check it out!