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Hi my friend!
We trust you had a good Christmas.  Ours was filled with family and fun!

Amy and I are celebrating 100 podcasts this  Sunday the 2nd of January 2011!

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Rick & Amy


I have received many gifts over my lifetime.  So many in fact that I can’t tell you all that has been given to me. I think for everyone though, that there are some gifts that stand out.  Here are my top five and why.

Number 5

I’ll never forget one Christmas morning when I was around 11 years old.  I had been trying to guess one of the gifts under the trees that had my name on it.  It was heavy, and it made a clunking noise when I shook it.  I couldn’t figure it out.  Then the morning arrived, I was up at the crack of dawn waiting for my parents to give the ok to open our gifts.  I tore into that gift faster than any other before.  And then it happened.  I almost fainted.  It was a Montgomery Wards turntable with speakers and the 45 record of the Eagles, Hotel California!  One of the top five gifts of all time.  why?  Because my parents believe in inspiring me with music.  I loved music, and still do to this day.

Number 4

I was at Grandma & Grandpa Hansen’s house-the place as a kid that we most often spent Christmas Eve with our extended family.  I was nine or ten and I still got gifts from everyone.  There it was, a big box with the coolest toy ever,  The Evil Kenevil Stunt Set and Trailer.  Yes, I was the kid always trying to jump his bicycle over silly things, and this was the reason why.  You put this cool motorcycle on a wind up platform and turned the crank.  Then when it was wound tight, you pushed the cool lever and the bike raced off with Evil himself riding.  And boy did it go.  I LOVED that toy.  I think I thought that his spirit of adventure was seriously cool, oh and that he was going to try and jump the Grand Canyon on his rocket cycle.  That was cool.

Number 3

15 years old and wanting desperately to make my own music my Mom and Dad did something I honestly never expected.  I had opened all my gifts and was ok with stuff when my Mom said, “Oh there is one more thing for Ricky”  My brother came out with a guitar case.  In it was an electric guitar.  Yep. AN ELECTRIC GUITAR!  Oh my….  this was another gift where I almost peed my pants.  Again, mom and dad saw something in me, and my desire to play the music that inspired me.   They had no idea what they would start.  I made the whole top of the house into a stage, and it was never quiet again.  🙂  hehehehe. 

 Number 2

In September of 1986 I met one of the most amazing people to grace my life.  A girl named Amy signed up for a campus club at our college fair.  I saw her and fell in love instantly.  Now, it took me a good few months to convince her, but once I did, she married me.  She, besides my parents, is a person that believes in me and has done so much for me.  She has love me in the best and worst of times.  I could never do anything to deserve her.  She is a gift from God.  I look at her as a gift because she was given to me and I gave her my heart. 

Number 1

In 1985 my life turned upside down because of man I was introduced too.  He was nothing like I thought he would be.  I had never really been to interested in religion, and wasn’t about to start, and this is why this guy became so important to me.  Instead of introducing me to religion I was introduced to a friend that changed my life forever.  His name was Jesus.  And to this day, we are great friends.  He has changed the way I look at life and death.  I am grateful that he died on the cross for me and rose from the dead.  He is the single greatest influence in my life and without him I would be lost.  It’s not a religion to me, it’s a relationship with s savior who loves me and accepts me how I am.  I would have to say that salvation is the best gift I could ever receive.. EVER.  The cool part is that anyone who calls upon the name of Jesus can be saved too. 

Hi my friends.

I wanted to wish everyone here a


From the Moyer’s to you!

We are grateful for all of our friends here on the Treks in Sci Fi Forum.  Thanks for your friendship.

You know how people share goodie plates?  Well, since we can’t get everyone a plate of fun things we’ve baked, I thought it would be fun to give you an Internet Christmas goodie plate.  So here you go, a myriad of Christmas cheer from our home to yours.  ENJOY!


The 2010 Christmas Special with Meds, Jen, Rick Peete, Institches and more!  Come hear the cool short stories and poems about Christmas, plus some awesome music and comments.

Our Favorite Christmas Recipes

Our Favorite Christmas Music

A Christmas Caroled Audio Musical & Drama


Some songs I recorded for Christmas on my mixpod playlist:


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Merry Trekmas  

Will he find his place?  written by Rick sung by Melina Kastle <![CDATA[
Bob and Gebular Christmas Special  


Countdown by M. Desiree Snider (instiches)

The Star of the Show by Rick Moyer

What Christmas really is, ready by Meds, written by Rick

Matthew Chapter 1 & 2


by Rick Moyer

 A few years ago I was writing a musical called “The Inn Keeper”  it revolved around the family that ran the Inn that Mary and Joseph found themselves trying to register at.  Of course, many know the story, there was no room.  They ended up being in the barn with the animals and Mary wound up having baby Jesus in a hay manger. 

As I was thinking about the situation they found themselves in it rang true in so many ways.  Mary had a dream and promise from God that she was going to have a child.  Joseph had the word from Mary and an Angel telling him that it was all true.  They pick up and travel all the way to Bethlehem for a census.  They were tired, Mary was 9 months pregnant and they just wanted to rest.  Their plans were messed up when the reservations didn’t work out.  So they had to be flexible.  I guess Mary could have been mad at God because he should have had a place for them at the Inn all worked out, but instead we see her go to a stinky stable, have a baby and then receive guests.  She and Joseph made the best out of their situation. 

 I find that hard to do.  I have plans, goals and dreams and wouldn’t you know that many times they don’t work out?  In fact it is human nature to get all upset when things don’t go our way.  We moan, cuss and shake our fist at God.   What we should probably be doing is stepping back a bit and looking for opportunities that God is making clear to us if we would quite complaining for a moment and look.

 We aren’t promised that life will be perfect, we are promised life with a savior that will be here for us no matter our circumstances. Our job is to look for God in our every day lives. Sometimes we are so busy asking God to bless us that we don’t even see or hear him. 

 The Inn Keeper didn’t even realize that the son of God was going to be born at his Inn.  Otherwise he would have surely made room for them.  He was so busy with this guests that he didn’t see the savior under his own nose.  Much like all of us. 

 Christmas can be a time when we get so wrapped up in the holiday we forget the whole reason behind it.  Put simply, Christmas is the gift of Christ sent to Earth for our benefit.  He is a gift that changes our life as we know it.  It would pay for us to look for him.  As the popular saying goes “Wise men still seek Him” The question is- will he find his place in our life this season?

 I wrote this song from Mary’s perspective, what she would have felt like after being kicked out on the street.  My friend Melina did a track for me and I enhanced it with some strings.  I hope you enjoy this song.  Merry Christmas–

 Click here to play the song- it’s free, sung by Melina Kastle,  and I think you will find it refreshing.  Here is to the season!

Find your place

By Rick Moyer

What a burden placed on us

To have God’s only son

To travel all this way to let your will be done

I think it’s too great for me

Now that we are finally here

If we suffer this much opposition

Then perhaps we did not hear

Will he find his place in  a world so unkind?

Is everyone so busy that none of them have time?

Will he do what the prophets foretold in the book

Or will they all ignore him without a second look?

Will he find his place?

My Husband let’s have courage

To do what God commands

This child will save the Nations and bring healing to the land

For if he’s born in the street then God will make a way

Perhaps all men will see him then and celebrate this day

Will he find his place in  a world so unkind?

Is everyone so busy that none of them have time?

Will he do what the prophets foretold in the book

Or will they all ignore him without a second look?

Will he find his place?

Find your place oh little one

Find your place God’s one and only son

Find your place oh  little one

Find your place God’s one and only son

Join me and Amy as we share our favorite holiday recipes including comments and recipes from you, our listeners! Download the PDF with many of the recipes we share including- Swedish Cardomom Bread, Swedish Meatballs, Chocolate Peppermint Cookies, Pumpkin Mousse, Onion Dip, the Perfect Prime Rib, Spritz Cookies, Grandma Hansen’s Marshmallow fudge and MORE! Plus we play a couple of cool Christmas songs, one from Russ Taff, and the other one that I recorded. A very fun podcast to celebrate the holidays! Enjoy!

Through the eyes of Christmas
by Rick Moyer 

Why is it that this time of year evokes feelings of good will towards others? There are 11 other months during the year, but for some reason December gets the attention of just about everyone.  Maybe it’s the Salvation Army kettles with the bell ringers, or perhaps the ads on TV saying give to your local food bank.  Perhaps the awareness is peaked and people respond because of the Spirit of Christmas.

I used to work for a local charity that helped the homeless and was simply amazed at the giving in December.  It made up for the months like January and February where we squeaked by.  People would come out of the woodwork for a tax deduction, but I think it goes deeper than that.  It makes people feel good to give and help others.  There is something inside us that says it’s the right thing to do.

I think God created us that way.  One of the most popular verses in the Bible says “For God so loved the world that he GAVE his only begotten son…” (John 3:16)   It was set in motion at the beginning of time.  God is a giver.  He gives us life, he blesses us, he gives us opportunities to love others like He does.

The story of Christmas is all about giving.  That God would humble himself and come to Earth as a baby, grow up, bless people, show them the way and then be crucified on a cross for humanities salvation is the ultimate story of giving.  Why do you think people give gifts on Christmas?  It’s not by accident, it’s an example of the gift that God has given all of us if we only open it up and receive it.

 Since God is such a giver, I want to be like him.  Not for brownie points, not for notches on my Bible, not for people to pat me on the back, just because God is God and I want to be like Him. 

What if we really saw through the eyes of Christmas year round?  I try and make it a habit to take part of the money that I earn and give it away.  I keep an eye out for opportunities to show God’s love with no strings attached.  The other day I was at the grocery store and I saw a guy that was in a hurry in the check out line. I didn’t know him from Adam. He was right behind me.  He had a few items on the conveyor and kept looking at his watch.  I felt my insides tense up and felt led to just put his groceries on my bill.  So I did.  At first he just looked at me.  He was speechless, then said, “Really?” again he just kind of stood there.  Then he stammered a bit and said “Thank you!”  I smiled and said, God bless you! Have a Merry Christmas.  He left and the checker looked at me.  He asked me why I did that.  I quickly answered, well God has blessed me so I figure I need to bless others.  You never know what people are going through.   He smiled and shook his head.  It wasn’t much, but what both of those men experienced was God working though me.  God can work through any of us if we take the time to listen and be generous. 

Honestly, things are really tight this year, and I really can’t afford to buy people’s groceries.  Then again, in the way I look at it, I can’t afford NOT too.  If I honestly believe that God has blessed me, then how can I be selfish with what He has given me?  Sometimes I think we get the idea that if we don’t give to some big charity then we really aren’t making a difference.  Let me challenge you on that idea.  I am serious.  You can make a difference in the lives of your neighbors, co-workers or fellow students.  You don’t have to be rich.  And don’t get me wrong, but we don’t have any idea how the big charities spend the money.  But we know where our money goes when we do something for someone locally.   Can you afford a cup of coffee?  How about ten bucks?  A sub sandwich?  Can you buy an extra gift card and put $20 on it, put it in your wallet and wait for an opportunity to bless someone?  What about buying an extra turkey, some potatoes and giving it to the family down the street?  I bet they could use it.   Look around you.  I am willing to bet there is someone you know, that needs your help.  Do you think God is going to drop money or a coat or food out of the sky?  Nope, he is going to use YOU- If you listen.  Just the other day we discovered one of the neighborhood kids didn’t get any Christmas gifts last year.  Before I could even say anything to Amy, she had a few things picked out and it won’t happen that way this year.  We aren’t rich in money, but we are rich in Spirit, and guess what?  When you begin to plan to bless others, you get great deals.  If you truly have a desire to give, then God will make a way for you to do it. 

Did you know that statistics say that it’s not the rich people that give the most?  It’s us normal folks.  Yep.  The less money people make the more they give it away. I’m not completely sure why.  Perhaps we just know what it’s like to be without, so we don’t want others to experience that.  All I know is that the five or ten dollars that we help others out with might as well be a million for the homeless guy or gal.  The sandwich we buy for the hungry guy begging on the street feels like a million bucks to him.  It’s all in how you look at it.  The great part about giving is that no matter how much we have we can always give something.

So here is my challenge.  Look around you.  Give.  Then when January rolls around, give again.  Then when February gets here, give.. then when…..

You get the picture.

See life through the eyes of Christmas.  Let the gift keep on giving.  We have been blessed, so let us bless others.  Merry Christmas!

#97 Our Favorite Christmas Music- Take Him With You Podcast with Rick & Amy Moyer

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Join us for our favorite Christmas music from all sorts of artists including some songs I recorded! We read what your favorite Christmas tunes are and have a great time together. Get ready for a music and fun filled podcast.

Grandma Hansen’s Cut out Sugar Cookie

1 Cup Sugar
1 Cup Butter
3 Cups Flour
1/2 tsp salt
2 eggs
1 tsp Vanilla
1 tsp Almond Extract

Mix together chill for one hour, roll out, use cookie cutters and bake at 350 for 7-10 minutes.  YUM!