I love praying for people.

Posted: February 17, 2009 in Cool Stuff just for you

Monday is by far one of my favorite days now.  On Monday’s I leave the house around 10:30 a.m. and head downtown Aberdeen with a notebook, my bible and a list.

At 11 or so, Ocean Palace opens and I go to the last booth on the left in the back.  I say hellow to my good friend and the owner of the establishment Christina.

Christina and Sabrina, the owners of Ocean Palace in Aberdeen

Christina and Sabrina, the owners of Ocean Palace in Aberdeen

Then I pull out my bible and notebook and say a quick prayer.  As I write my thoughts down on the paper about my life, my faith and more.   I find the scripture that is coursing through my soul at that particular moment and seek the Lord as to what he would have me say to all those that listen to the podcast Take Him With You.

My lunch comes, I eat.  And it is always good.  My only real problem is picking between diet pepsi and ice tea.  🙂

Eva usually comes in around noon and we have a quick chat about the day and what she thought of the last podcast.  She has been a waitress at Ocean Palace as long as I can remember.  Which shouldn’t make anyone feel too bad since I can’t remember to far back.  🙂  I pray for my friends at Ocean Palace.  They are cool.

One of the best waitresses on the Harbor.

Eva, one of the best waitresses on the Harbor.

I get done with lunch, write more in my notes about what I am going to record on Tuesday for the weekend’s podcast and then I pay my bill.  Oh, of course I always eat my forune cookie, and from time to time smile as I read the message inside.  Last week it had a proverb in it…  “A merry heart does good like a medicine.”  I liked that one.  Today it said that I will have fun at work.  Well, that was true.  I was already enjoying work that day.  Since I’m not at the church anymore I get asked that question a lot.  “So what are you doing for work?”  I smile and say that I am attempting to reach a group of people that need a genuine and honest person to tell them about the real Jesus without the threat of politics or forcing them into “religion”.  Huh?  is the usual response.    I again smile and say that I am asking God to support us by telling others about him.  It’s biblical. 🙂

Then after I’m done with lunch I usually score some chocolate and head to my car or truck.  Then I’m off to find a quiet place to pray.  It could be a park, it might be a quiet side street, or maybe a parking lot overlooking the Harbor.  It isn’t about the place, it’s where my heart is.  I pull out a list that I have printed off of my emails that I get every week.  People have prayer requests.  Even the folks that haven’t sent one in get prayed for.  I pray for my friends.  So many people that I know and love, have needs.  We all do.  So I start at the top with specific prayers and head down the list until I reach the bottom.  By the time I get there I have called a few of the folks on my list and prayed with them live on the phone, others I send an email afterward to tell them that someone prayed for them today, and still others I just pray for and never tell anyone that I have, except Jesus.

I pray for God’s blessing on them, for his healing power and for clarity and understanding their purpose in life.  I pray a prayer of thanksgiving over everyone of them, even the people I wouldn’t consider too friendly to me.  It ‘s not as easy to pray for people you perceive to be your enemy, but it is what Jesus would do.  So I do.  It takes longer with them, because often I have to pray and ask God to forgive me for my bad attitude toward them.  Some days I just ask God to help me forgive them because I have tried all I can to reconcile.  There isn’t anything else I can do.  I simply release those folks into the hands of Christ and ask Him to bless them.

What a privilege to pray for others.  When I get done with the list I pray for my needs.  My family first and then for my needs.  I usually pray for opportunities to encourage people and ask what God wants me to do for others that day.  I often times share my fears and insecurities with him too.  That always helps.  I ask for provision too.  I have enough to live for a few months, but then it all has to come in by faith.  I don’t panic, but I sometimes get nervous.  I just know what God has called me to do, and I am doing it by faith.

I have found that when I pray for others God always meets my needs too.  The waterboy never goes thirsty.  It’s not why I pray for others, it’s simply a benefit from spending time thinking about others.  What we sow, we reap.

My prayers are not too formal.  They are like I talk to you, but with a lot more faith. 🙂  I’m not sharing this to brag, actually quite the opposite.  If I can pray for people, so can you.  Make a list of folks that you love, that you hate, that you run into.  Pray for them.  Wouldn’t it be horrible if a day went by and no one prayed for you?  The answer is yes.

You should pray too.  It’s good for you.  God loves it when we talk to him.  I think it makes him smile.

Bless you!

  1. Sarah Gardner says:

    Good for you, sounds like the best Monday I have ever heard of! Any day that includes chinese and prayer is pretty darn fantastic! I am meeting a new chinese place for lunch today with a friend, so that will be fun! Hope I can talk to her about Jesus! Have a great day!

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