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#48 The 2 Degree Difference- Take Him With You Podcast with Rick Moyer
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I start out by playing a Stargazer CD promo, then my son Andrew and I talked about my other son’s wedding.  It was fun!

Ivy and Nathan

Andrew is headed to Avatar, we will do a review later, probably for next podcast.

Pictures from the wedding-

I got interviewed by Jen from the Anomaly Podcast

I was also interviewed by They wrote about me in their latest Ezine.  They also played my Rag Tag Fugitive Fleet song on their latest podcast.  Check it out.  They were able to interview Dirk Benedict, the original Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica.

Thanks to all of the new friends over the last year.  Our anniversary for one year is coming up on February.

I then share some cool scripture for Words of Wisdom. Philippians 3 from the Message Bible


I talk about the book
“The 2 Degree Difference” by John Trent

It’s a great book that talks about making small corrections that lead to big results.

I also share my facebook and twitter impromptu poll about making New Year’s Resolutions.

This is a very helpful podcast dealing with change and looking forward to the future.

I play two songs for you this week.  The first is a cool remake of a U2 song “It’s a beautiful day” sung and recorded by Sanctus Real.

I then play a song by 12 stones. 

Then I pray for you!

Join me next week for another great episode of  Take Him With You! 

Promos in this episode? 

Waffle On
Champ Podcast
Knights of the Guild
Treks In Sci Fi
Appy Times


#47 The Scrooge Diaries Part 4 of A Christmas Caroled- the THWY Christmas Special! w/Rick & Amy Moyer
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I start out by playing a promo for my new Stargazer CD.

Rick’s House-
Amy and Catherine join me to talk about recent things going on in our home.

We talk about Hallmark movies on the Dish Network.

We talk about our favorite Christmas specials.

Heat Miser from “A Year without a Santa Claus”

We talk about our favorite Christmas tradtions

We talk about our favorite Christmas songs.

I play a little of Amy Grant’s Christmas Album, and then I play the song Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel that I recorded and sang on.

Amy and thank all those who have helped the podcast spiritually and financially.  THANK YOU!  We make an appeal to folks to partner with us in bringing the podcast out every week.

My friend Allen Anderson shares a Christmas memory with us.  It’s really nice, thanks Allen.

Tim from Oregon leaves a quick comment on what Christmas means to him.  Thanks Tim!

Kenny from California sent in a wonderful comment about Christmas!  Thank you Kenny!

Dan from England talks about the true meaning of Christmas.  Awesome Dan!  Thank you.

Curt Klinger does a reading from Henry Van Dyke.  Thanks Curtis, Merry Christmas!

Jen from the Anomaly podcast sent some really nice comments on Christmas.  Excellent!  Thanks Jen.

My friend Jeff from Canada shares some really cool Christmas memories.  Thanks Jeff, you are very appreciated!

Richard Peete my friend from Chicago shares what Christmas means to him and his family.  Thanks Rick! 

I read a neat email from Sue who lives in New York. Merry Christmas Sue to you and your family!


I play some previous clips from A Christmas Caroled… then on to

PART 4 and the conclusion of the Scrooge Diaries.

We wrap things up and talk about next week’s show.

I then play some cool promos from my friends podcast and then share a couple of christmas tunes that I sang.

Waffle On
Champ Podcast
Knights of the Guild
Treks In Sci Fi
Appy Times


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Warm and blessed.

Posted: December 16, 2009 in Cool Stuff just for you

Well, the new heating system is installed. 

We were so blessed by some great friends that helped towards the purchase of the heater.  When all was said and done we had to spend a tad bit more than we planned, but it was still a great deal!

here are some pictures of it.

We have really enjoyed today heatwise.  Nice and toasty!  No mess, no hassle, etc.

The folks at Advanced Heating and Air Conditioning were great to work with.   Call them if you want something to heat or cool your home.  Good stuff.

#46 The Scrooge Diaries- A Christmas Caroled part 3 with Rick Moyer from Take Him With You

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I start with a promo for Stargazer and then play comments from my friend Joe from Toronto Canada.  Awesome comments about Stargazer Joe!  THANK YOU!

You can get your copy by going here

Send in your audio comments for the following question:  What is your favorite Christmas memory OR what does Christmas mean to you?
(206) 414-THWY (8499)

I talk about what is going on at my house.  Had an emergency last Sunday night.  Our pellet stove malfunctioned sending smoke throughout the house. 

Make sure your smoke alarms work.  VERY IMPORTANT. 

I also talked about the Series finale of Monk.  Our family really is going to miss the show, it was so great.
Tony Shalhoub as Monk
You can see Monk on

Email me your comments on Monk.
Going to watch Alice on the SyFy Channel, it’s on my DVR.


I talk about my son’s wedding coming up- Nathan and Ivy are getting married.  I talk about them!

I then play a promo for Waffle On Podcast from Meds and Kell.

I then ask if folks would be willing to help support our family in bringing the podcast and newsletter coming to you each week.  You can help us by clicking here.

I then read several scripture passages on Christmas.

I then play “previously on the Scrooge Diaries”

I then play part 3 of the Scrooge Diaries, A Christmas Caroled.

I leave you with a cliff hanger till next week.   Of course you will be able to download the entire drama on December 21st, 2009 from

The cast this week was:
Scrooge:  Rick Moyer
The Angel of Christmas Past:  Silas Carder
Bob Cratchit:  Simon Meddings
Martha Cratchit:  Jen Rhodes
Cratchit boy: Sam Featherstone
other Cratchit kids:  Catherine Moyer, Serena Horton, Kain Horton.
Sarah Cratchit:  Ruth Featherstone
The Devil:  Angela Flourny
Messenger:  Rick Moyer

Food for thought:

I then talk about the subject of the day:  Our influence on the people around us.
Take a listen to the discussion, very interesting and informative. 

I discuss the informal poll I did on Facebook and Twitter- where do you influence?

I then play some of my favorite Christmas songs for you.

The first song is “Born in a Stable” by the Level Heads.
You can get this song on Itunes by searching for “A Broken Christmas”

I then play a Christmas song I recorded- one of my faves, “Little Drummer Boy”  I hope you enjoy it.  Email me and I will send it to you for free.

I then pray for you!  Next week:  The Scrooge Diaries part 4- A Christmas Caroled.

I take the show out with Undercover’s version of “Oh Come all Ye Faithful” you can get this song on Itunes as well by searching for “A Broken Christmas”

After the songs I play some promos from my friends podcasts.  Enjoy!
Waffle On
Champ Podcast
Knights of the Guild
Treks In Sci Fi
Appy Times

Thanks everyone for listening and contributing to keeping the podcast coming to you each week!

We have had a pretty cool miracle.  A few days ago we had no way of paying for a new heating system for the house after our pellet stove died a smokey death.  Then God came through for us in a big way.  A few folks chipped in and helped us purchase a Ductless heat pump from Advanced Heating and Air Conditioning in Cosi.

So when all is said and done and the rebates are taken care of we have a great heating and air conditioning unit for our home.

They are coming this Tuesday for instalation.  Pretty cool.  Thanks to those of you that helped out.  We were just asking God for help on it since things are tight this month.  He answered by having some cool folks help us out.  (you know who you are!)  We are thankful and grateful for the help.  THANK YOU!

Here is to being warm!

Thanks everyone

Posted: December 8, 2009 in Cool Stuff just for you

Thanks everyone for your care and concern. 

We are fine. 

Thanks to a few friends, we are going tomorrow to check into replacing our heating system.  I really appreciate all the great advice for getting the smoke smell out of the house.  A very nice friend came over with some unsmoke professional cleaning solution to help us.  Thank you! 

 I talk about our crazy experience on the next Take Him With You Podcast.  it comes out on Sunday the 13th.

Anyway, bless you and thanks for praying for us.   People have been asking what we need, I’m not sure.  We have cleaned a lot of stuff already, and we have checked into heating alternatives.  We need to get rid of our old pellet stove and patch the venting hole.  Our greatest need right now is to get the new heating system installed and staying  warm!  🙂  I think we almost have enough money now to do that.  We will see!

So thank you again.  For those that want, I will try and keep you updated on our progress.  Special thanks to those of you that have blessed us.  Merry Christmas!

Thankful to be alive!

Posted: December 7, 2009 in Cool Stuff just for you

Had the wildest experience last night.

the kind of pellet stove that crashed.

So last night we are sleeping soundly when at 3 in the morning Amy and I both start smelling something.  She wakes up first to open the bedroom door to thick white smoke throughout our house!  I stumble out of bed in time to check on the kids and run to the door.  I didn’t know if we had a fire or if the pellet stove had malfunctioned somehow. 
It was the pellet stove.  It is 20+ years old and on it’s last leg.  Somehow it started sparking and sending thick smoke into the house.  I am glad that God woke us up otherwise in a few more minutes we would have been gonners. 
What a scarey feeling that was. 
Oh I guess I should mention that I bought two new smoke alarms today, since our old ones didn’t work.  Geez.
Now the clean up happens.  Had to start wiping down the walls, ceiling and cleaning the furniture and carpets.  We put baking soda on the carpets and couches, wiped down the counters with pine-sol  I’m going to Walmart to get some Fabreze.  I even put a pot of simmering water on the stove with cinnamon and spices to get some other type of smell in the rooms.   Also had to wash all of our bedding and clothes.  It still smells though.  ugh.  Oh well, at least we are alive and everyone is safe.
I refuse to use the pellet stove again.  We don’t have any extra money right now, otherwise I would go and buy a propane heater for the house.  I stopped by Propane Etc.  They have some nice stoves, but out of my price range right now.   So it is back to using some oil radiator heaters. We’ll see if that will heat the house sufficiently.  I won’t know how much that adds to the heat bill till I see it. 
In the meantime I am grateful to be alive and that my family is safe.  Phew.  Praise God for protecting us.
The moral, don’t let smoke get in your eyes.