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#156 How our friend Richard lost 100 pounds!

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Join us for a very practical and encouraging interview with our friend Rick Peete who has lost over 100 pounds in just a year! Rick is very inspiring.


Rick Peete’s blog is right here


January 22nd, 2012

#155 Live Long and Prosper- Tips to healthier living in 2012

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Join us for a wonderful interview with our friends Bryan and Jamie Dunn as they talk about how they maintain their healthy lifestyle. There are some very practical tips for us all as we strive to live better this year. Also, music from Skillet and Gungor. Amy and I talk a bit about the crazy snowy weather we have been having. ENJOY!

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#154 Why I Hate Religion but love Jesus

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Amy and I play the viral video of Why I Hate Religion but Love Jesus and talk about it. I play a sample of a sermon I did years ago on the subject and we talk about the TV show A gifted man, and my new Microsoft keyboard and mouse. All sorts of good stuff on this show, plus great music from, Jars of Clay and the David Crowder Band, oh and Daniel Band. EXCELLENT SHOW!



Check out these great artists on Itunes- buy their albums, they rock.

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Jan 8th, 2012

#153 Peace- An interview with Darren Montgomery

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Join us for an interview with musician Darren Montgomery and a fun discussion on the iphones, Catherine and her new video, some fun music an more!

Darren’s website is HERE

You can purchase Darren’s music here:

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Here is Catherine’s Video she made to the poem she wrote: