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Join Amy and me as we take your questions from Facebook and Twitter. What is our biggest inspiration? Does Jade still love her Kong? and How do I survive College with my faith? Plus the Kindle Fire, the Movie Lockout, video game voices and more! Come enjoy this fun podcast!


April 22nd, 2012

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Join Amy and me as we interview our good friend Wayne Henderson. Wayne is the co host of Fringecasting Podcast,the host of Tuning in with Wayne Henderson and the co host of the Packers Fan Podcast. He is a media voice over artist and an all around awesome guy! We also talk about our recent trip to the Rosengaard Tulip farm and a wedding that I performed. It’s a great episode with fun music and even more fun conversations!

You can find out more about Wayne by visiting his website HERE

#167 I’ll get you!

I’ll get you!  Play podcast HERE

Join Amy and me as we talk about gardening, music, and the subject of revenge. We read chapter 50 of Genesis and talk about Joseph’s reaction to his father’s death and his brother’s paranoia. I play music from Aaron Shust and an original song I wrote as well. ENJOY!


Find Aaron’s music here

April 8th, 2012

#166 The Real Deal Easter 2012 Special

Play the Real Deal Easter Special HERE

Join us for the Easter Special.  Great conversation, original music and more!  ENJOY!

Check out the Beaten to a Pulp Easter Audio Drama HERE

Here are the lyrics to my new song:

I long to play for you
by Rick Moyer

vs 1

Like a song that floats on air

Your grace is like that breeze

That carries seeds of life about

Opens my soul to breath


A wonder that you saved my life

Not worthy yet you care

My life so full of un sung rhymes

You write like you were there



The words inside me, oh so deep

your song it makes me whole

You played your part a note so true

Your melody  saved my soul


And now my heart it aches for real

I’m in your chorus true

Jesus who rose again

I long to play for you


vs 2

A master of your instrument

The tune of life it flows

A sacrifice for all that live

A song from death arose


So brilliant are your harmonies

So haunting in their sound

When all was silent you conquered death

Our song so lost now found


Play the song I long to play for you by Rick Moyer