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Join Amy and I as we talk about MW-ORBIT, Singing in the rain, sounds from our cat Stripey, our crazy weather, fun for my birthday, and then…. A great inteview with our friend Sue Kisenwether who works on Broadway in New York. She is also an avid sci fi fan, and grew up as a pastor’s kid. We talk about all that and more! What an encouraging interview about life and faith. Join us!

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Here you go, the mid week booster, Acts Chapter 15.  ENJOY!

Join Amy and I as we talk about MW-ORBIT, Caprica,Amy’s trip to the TOP convention, our future trip to Seattle for our birthdays and I play my new funny original song called “Think like a Vulcan” I play the new Martians are here podcast promo and more! Then we read your comments from Facebook and Twitter on the worst part about being decieved. Amy and I talk about deception and ways and our experiences on how to avoid it in the future. Practical and useful information this time around on Take Him With You!

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#90 Is Halloween really evil?  The Take Him With You Podcast with Rick & Amy Moyer

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Join Amy and I for this frightfully fun podcast. We talk about my new MW-ORBIT music project, our plan for celebrating our birthday at the Sci Fi Museum in Seattle,then we talk all about our childhood memories of Halloween. We read your comments from Facebook and then discuss if Halloween is evil or not. It’s a great discussion- you are in for a trick, or treat! I also play a song I wrote and recorded called “Don’t wanna be a Zombie” ENJOY!

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#89  Getting Along with People- The Take Him With You Podcast with Rick & Amy Moyer
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Recorded on 2010-10-10
Join us for a fun discussion on The Food Channel’s Next Iron Chef, The Event, canceling Lonestar,the New Hawaii Five-O, Chuck and more. Then we go on to play a new song from our son Nathan, and then we talk about how to get along with people in our everyday life. We read your facebook and twitter posts on how you get along with people! Join us, you will really enjoy it.

Join Amy and I as we talk about all sorts of stuff, like the new Fall TV shows, the Event, Lonestar and more! We talk about my new CD project MW-ORBIT, and our visit to the vet, and then the big subject, how to save money in everyday life! You will enjoy it