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134 What inspires you?

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Join us for a very fresh and fun podcast full of music, tech talk, family life at the Moyer household and then a big discussion on what inspires us. Need some encouragement in your life Then check this weeks podcast out. Music from Keith Green, David Crowder Band, Lipps Inc. David Gilmore and more! Dont miss this one!


#133 Dealing with Broken Relationships – an interview with our friend Jen

On this episode we review the movie Soul Surfer, talk about the $99 HP Tablets, our friends Al & Joyce are in Disneyland, and Treks in Sci Fi. Then we interview our good friend Jen from the Anomaly Podcast about dealing with broken relationships. She tells us about a friendship that she struggled with years ago and how she handled it. We then talk about what healthy relationships should look like. This is a very cool episode.. with music from Randy Newman, James Taylor and Aly Mashaka.



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This week on the Take Him With You Podcast Amy and I enjoy talking about the recent meteor shower and using Star Walk an app for the Ipad to identify the stars in the sky. We also talk about and the voice over I did for them. We play a listener comment from our friend Phil and then interview Simon and Natalie Meddings on respecting each other in the area of beliefs. It’s a great episode full of fun, stick around toward the end for a contest and cool parody song.

#131 Being Elastic

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August 7th, 2011

#131 Being Elastic

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Join us as we talk about the Seattle Art Museum, audio greeting cards, and more. I do a cool review on the Ipad case called Handstand and do a spoiler free review of the new Rise of the Planet of the Apes movie. I also interview Bret Hammond from Kansas Illinois, about his church burning down last week. He shares what his congregation is going through and how God is helping them through this tragedy. We play some great music this week and play some fun promos. Join us for an encouraging podcast about being flexible like elastic.