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Way back in my freshman year of high school a note was circulated around offering Driver’s Education after school.  I can’t remember how much it cost, but it was a decent price.  We had to get on a list, fill out some paperwork, make a deposit and then wait till they had room in the class.  In the art and science building was the simulator room where we spent the first couple weeks of class.  They had these state of the art driving simulators that were pretty cheesy for our standards now a days.  A big screen was in front of us and we had to pretend to drive and hit the brake when old ladies walked across the screen. 














It was in this room that we learned the basics of driving.  This was supposed to help us before we got behind the wheel of the school provided, Mr. Johnson’s drivers ed car.  His car had a big sign on it that said “Warning Student Driver” I think it even had wood paneling on the side.   I look back now and wonder why Mr. Johnson wasn’t a drinking man.  He taught the majority of my friends and peers how to drive.  No one should have to do that job for a living.  Running into him, not literally, years later I thought he should have the nickname “Nerves of Steel” 


The simulator room was fun, like a big video game, but it was much different driving in the real world.  I can’t exactly remember my first drive, but I do remember being scared out of my mind and fearing for my life when my friend Monica got behind the wheel.  There were three of us that were partners in a driving group and I am still amazed that we survived those days.  I remember many curbs being jumped and telephone poles that we barely escaped.  Thank God for Mr. Johnson’s brake pedal on the passenger side. 



To really learn well we were asked to get permission from our parents to practice in our family vehicles.  So upon receiving this information I let my mom and dad know.  Mom just kind of stared at me and shook her head.  Dad on the other hand was coming home from work about the time I got out of drivers ed.  So he would pick me up from the school in his little datsun pickup and  let me drive through the little town of Hoquiam WA. 


We would stop at Safeway on Tuesdays and Thursdays, buy a Cragmont root beer for 17cents and he would let me drive home, eight miles out the East Hoqiam Road.  The only problem that we faced right off the bat is that the pickup was a stick shift.  So I had to learn how to use the clutch.  It wasn’t too hard to drive home that way, for some reason it was pretty much downhill or flat all the way.  It wasn’t until the day I wanted to drive to band practice and dad had us take the Toyota Celica that all Hell broke loose.  You see I had become pretty cocky driving home all those days.  As any experienced driver knows, all cars are different, and being that we jumped in the little sports car with the sun roof and cool stereo I was feeling my oats. 


















My dad warned me to take it easy that the clutch in this car was so much different than the pickup.  I didn’t listen.  Only a few feet from our house was the Johnson’s hill as we called it.  And as I began to climb the hill I shifted up to high and the car stalled in the middle of the hill.  I panicked and we started rolling backwards as I plunged my foot down on the clutch.  My dad’s eyes bugged out and I watched as my normally quiet good natured father freaked out.  I thought for sure we were going to crash into the cow field that surrounded the road or worse, perhaps a car would come up from behind on the road and we would smash into it. It never occurred to me to put my foot on the brake.  So many things were going on at the same time I couldn’t focus.  It was then that my dad, even though he was rather upset, pulled the center emergency brake.  The car screeched to a halt in the middle of the hill.  He opened his door, proceeded to walk around the car and demanded that I get out.  I hadn’t seen him like that before and quickly did as he asked getting in the passenger seat.  He proceeded to start the car, release the emergency brake and squeal the tires as we accelerated up the hill and towards town.  All I heard for a few moments were things like “You will never drive again…”  I didn’t dare talk back at this point, I was just thankful for my dad’s wisdom in driving and that he got us moving again.  Of course, it was only a few days later that he let me drive again, but I will never forget how to start a car on a hill.


 I share all this to make a couple of points.  One, my daughter turned fifteen yesterday and will be getting her driver’s permit tomorrow.  With the boys I didn’t worry too much, but something about my little girl driving a big metal torpedo disturbs me.  Call me crazy, but I don’t know how to feel about it.  I have mixed emotions.  I understand now why my mom and dad took it so seriously when I learned to drive.  They knew that not ony would I be responsible for other people’s lives, but it meant a new freedom for me.  I’m glad they let me go, but now I finally understand how they felt.  This is my baby here.  She is the last kid to leave the nest, not only my little girl, but my last child to drive away from the house on her own.  I just have to grow up and live with it.  Even though I don’t want to let go, I must. 


It is a bittersweet thing to watch your kids grow up and begin to do adult things.  On one hand I am thrilled for her, as I remember what I felt like when I passed my driver’s test and got to take the car out for the first time alone.  And on the other hand I know all the crazy things I did when I was on my own.  Then I sigh and have to ask God to protect her as he has my other kids.  You know, they do listen and they do watch us.  They do learn and if we have done it right, they become responsible drivers.  It’s the other folks we have to watch out for.  LOL. 


The second point I have been learning from all this is how God must feel about us.  He is so forgiving and compassionate, much like my dad was to me.  Here he creates us, we grow up and start to feel cocky, like we know it all, and many times we stall in life.  It is at these points if we shut up and let God into the driver’s seat that he rescues us from being stranded in  the middle of life, that we actually get on with the journey and learn a thing or two about driving.  It is when we refuse to let him drive that we go nowhere in life. Just something to ponder.


May we all let Jesus show us how to drive. 


#104 Got Wisdom?

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Podcast #104  Got Wisdom?
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Join us for a great discussion on how to get wisdom!  Amy and I talk about the new Stryper cover of Carry on the Wayward Son, we introduce our new dog Jade,talk about Catherine getting her driver’s permit and more! Listen to the new promo for the new Fastforward Podcast with Al & Joyce Kessel all about the Amazing Race.  The big discussion ensues as we talk about who are wise people among us.  We read your facebook and twitter comments and talk all about what we think about wisdom.

Jade our new puppy

I play promos for MW-ORBIT, Champ Podcast, Treks in Sci Fi, The Anomaly Podcast, Knights of the Guild, Waffle On, Tales from the Mouse House and Fringecast with Wayne Henderson.  Then at the end I throw the song We will Spock You on for fun.

This podcast is more fun than you should have for free.  🙂

#102 Where do you draw the line?  A conversation about how we determine right and wrong.


Join Amy and me as we talk about how we as human beings figure out what right and wrong is.  We have a quick discussion on searching for a new dog, a cool artist named Brad Smith that uses the Nintendo to create music. Check out his music here. 

We discuss Star Wars coming out on Blu Ray, right here

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Then we have a great discussion from your Facebook and Twitter comments all about how we determine what right and wrong is!

I also play a promo for the MW-ORBIT Music Project.


I posted the following article in our newsletter, but then had some more thoughts, so I added them and did some editing.  Take a read, let me know what you think-  God bless you!


Are we too busy?

Sometimes we are so busy going to church we forget to be the church.  The church is not a building.  The real church is made up of believers from all walks of life from all around the world.  It is people, not structures.  Our Western culture has done a great disservice to living what the Bible says and has reduced it to a place we visit a couple of days a week.   I feel like many churches today have become a business where the senior pastor is the CEO and the board runs the house of worship like a store we would shop in or a place we are entertained.  Not all churches do that, but a majority do.  It’s all we know here in the U.S.  When you read the Bible you don’t see the structure we have created.  You see a group of people that gathered to worship and then scattered to live it. The “church” was an everyday lifestyle of loving and caring for others while being connected with our creator.  They didn’t isolate themselves to a small little fearful group, they met together in homes, broke bread and helped each other – then they engaged their culture and the world around them with a lifestyle like many others didn’t have. 

Having been  pastors on staff for many years we experienced a very subtle drawing away from what God really wanted for our lives to a packed schedule where all of our friends and people we interacted with were at the church.  Our only friends we did stuff with were believers, we missed the boat.  We were doing good things like prayer meetings, worship services, Bible studies, etc.  but were they “God” things?  There was one “O” of a difference.  We slowly became oblivious to the world around us that  we were supposed to be reaching.  Why?  Because we didn’t have time to spend with anyone else, not even our own family.

How many of our friends don’t know Christ?  Do we treat them like targets?  Are we just waiting to invite them to church and hope they come hear the message?  Or do we actually take off the religious “notches on the Bible” mentality and really care about our neighbor, co-workers and circle of acquaintances?  Being a friend to someone because you want them to be recruited to your religion is cheap and insincere.  Loving someone because God created them and they don’t know him yet, works wonders in the heart.  It’s all about Jesus, not us or the church we go too.  We know many people that have given their lives to Christ and believe in Him, that have never set foot in a church building.  An orginazation didn’t die for us, and it isn’t coming back for us.  A savior did, and when he comes back he is bringing the church, a people not a building.

The church demanded more and more time and effort to keep at the level it had grown too.  So much so that we spent most of our time putting out fires and trying to keep the ministry together.  The bigger it got, the more money it needed, and the more politics that needed to be played.  It was a huge machine where people became numbers and agendas became clouded.  It began to grow inward, something Christ is completely against.  Jesus is all about others, he is all about going after those that are lost.  He is all about spending time with people that most church folks would be uncomfortable with being around. Jesus never brought people to the building, he brought the church to the people.  He knew that the temple didn’t save anyone, only God could.  In our day, church is nice, but it doesn’t save anyone.  It fills a need for social reasons, and from time to time a teaching situation.  However, personal interaction and one on one relationships do far more for showing Christ’s love and character than a formal meeting with a talking head.  Outside of the four walls of the building we call the church, real life takes place.  It is here that we should be engaging the world around us with the way we live, talk, act and love others.

One thing you see in Jesus is that he was available.  He was available to the sick, the destitute, the lonely, the sinners, and to his heavenly Father.  He made time for all of these.  He never let church gatherings get in the way of loving people, in fact he rebuked his disciples on a few occasions when they were concerned about getting to the next meeting and neglecting the needs right in front of them. 

Many years ago I got a call from a friend of ours that was visiting an elderly gentleman at a nursing home only a few blocks from my house.  It was late and I had been at church till late that night.  The phone rang and I let the answering machine pick it up.  She explained that this gentleman needed a visit tonight.  It was 10 pm!  He wanted to talk about getting his life right with God.  I listened and blew it off.  I was tired after all that ministering.  I watched some Television (a star trek re-run) and then went to bed.  All night I tossed and turned.  Then that morning around 8 or so I called her back.  I asked what room he was in so I could go visit.  She got quiet.  “Rick” she said, “He passed away last night”.  My heart sank.  I had been so busy with “church” that I neglected to be the church to that man.  I missed an opportunity to help the man get things right with his creator because I was doing “good” things.  I will have to stand before God for that someday.  I vowed that very moment that if the Lord wanted me to talk to someone anytime of the day, I would.  ESPECIALLY people that I didn’t see on a weekly or daily basis. 

Yesterday morning my neighbor called and with tears in his voice left a message that his wife had passed away a few hours ago.  My heart broke.  My initial response was that I didn’t want to go down and be with him because it was uncomfortable.  I’m not pastoring anymore and I don’t have to do that kind of stuff.  What would I say?  How would he react to my visit?  I wrestled for about 5 minutes and then the Holy Spirit reminded me of my vow.  I got my coat on, put my stocking cap on and slipped on the ice as I walked down to his house.  I’m glad I did.  I hugged him, cried with him and told him I was here for him.  We aren’t that close, but I can’t imagine what he was going through.  I didn’t go to church yesterday morning, I was the church.  Amy baked some muffins and we went back down and spent some time with the family later that morning.  There was nothing much we could say, but I privately prayed for him and his family and asked for God’s peace. 

Maybe we should all look at what fills our time.  Are we being relevant to the world around us?  I’m not saying we shouldn’t go to church. It is really important to have a group of peers that can support one another and be accountable too, but I think we need to bring church to our world. I am saying that maybe we should be active in our communities instead of filling all of our time with bless me club activities.  Are we so busy that we don’t see what is right in front of us?  Honestly, of all the church services I have been too over many, many years, that was one of the best.  Watching football on neighbor’s big screen talking about the memories of his wife of over 30 years and just listening.  Just being with him.  God’s love often times isn’t a huge worship service with all the lights, sound systems and slick pastor messages. It’s living the Bible .   It’s being available for him to use our hands, feet and mouth. I guess the question is are we too busy and …..  are we available?

#101 Why we love Star Wars- The Take Him With You Podcast with Rick & Amy Moyer

Join us for a very fun discussion on why people love Star Wars.  We even discuss the spiritual implacations of the plot.  We read your comments from Facebook and Twitter on your favorite characters from the Star Wars Universe and why.  Plus, we review the Ipod Touch, Iphone and Ipad game Words with friends, and a movie review of the Movie Bandslam with our Daughter Catherine.  We play one of my original songs The Empire Strikes back and more.  Come enjoy the Out of This World podcast Take Him With You.

#100 Our 100th Podcast- The Take Him With You Podcast with Rick & Amy Moyer

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