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I think you will enjoy this week’s newsletter from Amy and I.  Please be encouraged!


#87 Zombies, Geocaching & Faith- A visit with Bret Hammond

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Join Amy and I as we talk about her birthday,a review of Letters to Juliet, the new MW-ORBIT project, we pray for Angela from the Anomaly podcast and wish her well. Then we interview our friend Bret Hammond from Kansas IL. He shares about his hobbies, family and faith. He is a father, author, geocacher and pastor! You will enjoy this interview.

Here is Bret’s zombie story

check out the new MW-ORBIT music/short story project:

Check out Acts Chapter 10- I’ll read it to you!

Check out the new music project I’m working on.  MW is already posting updates from the lab.

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Join Amy and I as we talk about her search for a new job, Catherine’s new school program, Stargate SG1, and we also share a review of Lord of the Rings Online with my son Andrew. I play some new music from The Martians are here Podcast that I do the production for. Then the new topic this week- a guest in our studio. Wendell Edwards had his leg amputated a year ago, he talks about his ordeal and the things he learned to keep his attitude in check. It’s a great talk and a good thing to hear for all of us. I then play a cool worship song I wrote and recorded a few years ago. We think you will be encouraged and inspired. ENJOY!

Need a mid week boost?  How about Acts Chapter 9- wow!  Paul gets knocked off!  I’ll read it to you.

#85 School Dazed- Becoming a life long learner

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Join Amy and I as we talk about me getting my hands on an Ipad, we talk about the ipod touch, hosting Treks in Sci Fi Podcast, Nathan’s new Star Trek Parody and the big subject- SCHOOL!  We read your facebook and twitter comments on the hardest part about school and then give tips to becoming a life long learner.  Fun episode!  Take a listen!