Valentine’s day and Hey you ruined my record!

Posted: February 15, 2009 in Cool Stuff just for you

Amy and I enjoyed going to Ocean Palace for dinner.  It was really busy, but the dinner was excellent, and the company was nice. 🙂  Then for fun we went to Safeway. Oh man are we getting old or what?

We have had a few really cool donations towards our new podcast.  What a blessing.  Thank you to those of you that have given to help our family reach out around the world.  We had 170 downloads as of yesterday of the first and second podcast.  We will see what happens this week.

I sent a fun Star Trek Parody song into Rico for his show0 Treks In Sci Fi.  If you like Tommy Tutone and Voyager, then you will like this song.  Instead of 867-5309 it’s Unimatrix 01 Seven of Nine.  heheh.

I posted a new Take Him With You Podcast. This week it’s called….

Hey man you ruined my record! Click here to direct download or listen to it.

Please be in prayer that it reaches many who would never set foot in a church.  That is the audience I am trying to reach.

Here is a fun retro picture of me from High School.  Here I am in the Hoquiam High School Grizzly Marching Band.  I think I was a sophomore.

Playing Tenor saxaphone in the Grizzly Marching Band... circa 1981?

Playing Tenor saxaphone in the Grizzly Marching Band... circa 1981?

Anyway, this week on the podcast I talk about experimenting with my Led Zeppelin album


Kid you not, what I found will blow your mind.  It is kind of crazy.  listen to the podcast here

Let me know what you think of the podcast.  Next week it will be called “Ouija boards and Sunday School”

My friends Jen and Angela released their anniversary episode of Anomaly.  Check it out here. it was very fun!

Kenny, my friend from California is the new co-host of Knights of the Guild, the monthly podcast.  It just released today, all about the Guild, the web series with Felicia Day as Codex.  Just so you know, the show is very funny, but not for children.  It is about gamers and how their lives work in the real world.  Geeky, yet cool.  Anyway some of the shows are pretty adult orientated, so beware.  They air on MSN and XBOX LIVE.   You can check out the official page of the podcast here. I am really grateful for them playing my promo for Take Him With You.   I also got to do their bumpers for the different segments of the show.  That’s me with the old English accent, and my keyboard making the cool music with the flute.


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