#46 The Scrooge Diaries- A Christmas Caroled part 3 with Rick Moyer from Take Him With You

Direct Download here

I start with a promo for Stargazer and then play comments from my friend Joe from Toronto Canada.  Awesome comments about Stargazer Joe!  THANK YOU!

You can get your copy by going here

Send in your audio comments for the following question:  What is your favorite Christmas memory OR what does Christmas mean to you?
(206) 414-THWY (8499)

I talk about what is going on at my house.  Had an emergency last Sunday night.  Our pellet stove malfunctioned sending smoke throughout the house. 

Make sure your smoke alarms work.  VERY IMPORTANT. 

I also talked about the Series finale of Monk.  Our family really is going to miss the show, it was so great.
Tony Shalhoub as Monk
You can see Monk on Hulu.com

Email me your comments on Monk.   rick@takehimwithyou.com
Going to watch Alice on the SyFy Channel, it’s on my DVR.


I talk about my son’s wedding coming up- Nathan and Ivy are getting married.  I talk about them!

I then play a promo for Waffle On Podcast from Meds and Kell.  http://waffleon.podbean.com

I then ask if folks would be willing to help support our family in bringing the podcast and newsletter coming to you each week.  You can help us by clicking here.

I then read several scripture passages on Christmas.

I then play “previously on the Scrooge Diaries”

I then play part 3 of the Scrooge Diaries, A Christmas Caroled.


I leave you with a cliff hanger till next week.   Of course you will be able to download the entire drama on December 21st, 2009 from http://www.takehimwithyou.com/achristmascaroled

The cast this week was:
Scrooge:  Rick Moyer
The Angel of Christmas Past:  Silas Carder
Bob Cratchit:  Simon Meddings
Martha Cratchit:  Jen Rhodes
Cratchit boy: Sam Featherstone
other Cratchit kids:  Catherine Moyer, Serena Horton, Kain Horton.
Sarah Cratchit:  Ruth Featherstone
The Devil:  Angela Flourny
Messenger:  Rick Moyer

Food for thought:

I then talk about the subject of the day:  Our influence on the people around us.
Take a listen to the discussion, very interesting and informative. 

I discuss the informal poll I did on Facebook and Twitter- where do you influence?

I then play some of my favorite Christmas songs for you.

The first song is “Born in a Stable” by the Level Heads.
You can get this song on Itunes by searching for “A Broken Christmas”

I then play a Christmas song I recorded- one of my faves, “Little Drummer Boy”  I hope you enjoy it.  Email me and I will send it to you for free.  rick@takehimwithyou.com

I then pray for you!  Next week:  The Scrooge Diaries part 4- A Christmas Caroled.

I take the show out with Undercover’s version of “Oh Come all Ye Faithful” you can get this song on Itunes as well by searching for “A Broken Christmas”

After the songs I play some promos from my friends podcasts.  Enjoy!
Waffle On  http://waffleon.podbean.com
Anomaly  http://www.anomalypodcast.com
Champ Podcast http://www.champodcast.com
Knights of the Guild http://www.knightsoftheguild.com
Treks In Sci Fi http://www.treksinscifi.com
Appy Times  http://appytimes.podbean.com

Thanks everyone for listening and contributing to keeping the podcast coming to you each week!


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