Thanks everyone

Posted: December 8, 2009 in Cool Stuff just for you

Thanks everyone for your care and concern. 

We are fine. 

Thanks to a few friends, we are going tomorrow to check into replacing our heating system.  I really appreciate all the great advice for getting the smoke smell out of the house.  A very nice friend came over with some unsmoke professional cleaning solution to help us.  Thank you! 

 I talk about our crazy experience on the next Take Him With You Podcast.  it comes out on Sunday the 13th.

Anyway, bless you and thanks for praying for us.   People have been asking what we need, I’m not sure.  We have cleaned a lot of stuff already, and we have checked into heating alternatives.  We need to get rid of our old pellet stove and patch the venting hole.  Our greatest need right now is to get the new heating system installed and staying  warm!  🙂  I think we almost have enough money now to do that.  We will see!

So thank you again.  For those that want, I will try and keep you updated on our progress.  Special thanks to those of you that have blessed us.  Merry Christmas!


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