Would you pray with us for this little girl?

Posted: April 2, 2011 in Cool Stuff just for you

From my sister in law, can you pray with us? “PRAYER NEEDED a co-worker of mine from Willapa, and her family, could really use some prayers…her little girl was pinned under a log in the surf and had to be revived, she coded twice and has a skull fracture and swelling on the brain, as you can imagine, things are not good… any and all prayers are very much appreciated! In God’s hands…” Her name is Kya.

  1. Rick Moyer says:

    Report from grandma Peggy. All of Kya’s organs are working. Kya’s brain pressure a little high. Concern right now are her lungs. Some sand and water in one lung–can’t suction it out–need her to cough it up and out and she is sedated. They are treating the lungs for possible infections due to water contamination. Please continue praying.

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