#50 Big Podcast 50- Take Him With You with Rick & Amy Moyer

Posted: January 9, 2010 in Cool Stuff just for you
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Well we made it to our 50th episode of Take Him With You! 

Direct download:  http://www.takehimwithyou.com/podcast/011010big50.mp3

Join Amy and I along with a host of listeners audio comments and emails to celebrate 50 episodes and one year of podcasting!  

We start out with a cool review from The Scuttercast Podcast- http://scuttercastmp3.podbean.com
These cool guys do a Red Dwarf Podcast and featured our Take Him With You Podcast as the podcast of the week.  Thanks guys!

Amy and I then comment on the purpose of Take Him With You and comment on all of our friends who sent some comments in.

Amy reads an Email from a listener and friend from New Mexico, Allen.

Amy and I then play a song that I wrote about a year ago called “You take me higher”

Our good friend Kenny from California gives a great comment to us.  Thanks Kenny!

Kenny co-hosts the Knights of the Guild Podcast.  Check it out!

Amy reads a cool email from our friend Jen.   Thanks Jen!
Jen is the co-host of The Anomaly Podcast http://www.anomalypodcast.com

Richard Peete from Chicago leaves an awesome comment.  Thanks Rick so much!

Amy reads a comment from our friend Sue from New York.  Thanks Sue!

Meds sends in a very nice comment.  Thank you Meds!

Meds is the co- host for Waffleon Podcast.  http://waffleon.podbean.com

My friend Jeff from Canada, who was interviewed on the show, sent in a nice comment.  Thanks Jeff!




I then play the song “I didn’t believe till now” from last year’s Easter Drama “Beaten to a Pulp”

We then hear from Rico Dostie, my friend from Michigan.  Rico is the host of Treks In Sci Fi podcast.  I sure appreciate him.


My friend Joe from Canada makes a comment while driving home from work.  He rocks.  Thanks Joe!

My friend Mike leaves a very nice message for us.  Thanks Mike!

My friend Dan gives a nice greeting.

Next up my new friend Pete from Philadelphia leaves a great comment too.

My friend Tim Wetzel from Oregon leaves a fun message for us.  Thanks Tim!

Tim at the Star Wars Store in Aberdeen with me.


 Thanks to everyone who sent in a comment, and of course thanks to ALL of our listeners.  We appreciate you.

I play another song I wrote called “You’re the one”

Amy and I then talk all about the future and then I play some promos from my friends podcasts.

Bless you and thanks for 50 awesome shows!  Here’s to another 50!

We love you!

Send us feeback please:  rick@takehimwithyou.com


Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/rick.moyer
Twiiter: http://www.twitter.com/moyer777
website: http://www.takehimwithyou.com
Parody songs: http://www.christrocks.com/parody

Podcast links:

Waffle On  http://waffleon.podbean.com
Anomaly  http://www.anomalypodcast.com
Champ Podcast http://www.champodcast.com
Knights of the Guild http://www.knightsoftheguild.com
Treks In Sci Fi http://www.treksinscifi.com
Appy Times  http://appytimes.podbean.com


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