#41 Keeping your tank full of thankful with Rick Moyer

Posted: November 7, 2009 in Cool Stuff just for you

#41 Keeping you tank full of thankful- Take Him With You w/Rick Moyer  110809

Direct download:  http://www.takehimwithyou.com/podcast/110809keepingtankfull.mp3

I start out and play a promo for the new Stargazer CD- and announce the contest winner.

please visit the site today and pick up your copy.  http://www.takehimwithyou.com/stargazer

Congrats to THWY listener Jamie!   Your name was picked as the winner in the CD giveaway.  The CD is on it’s way to your house!

I talked about all the boxes left over from building the new computer.  Fun.  Amy wanted me to clean it all up for her birthday.

You guys that are married.  Make your wife happy. 🙂

I recorded a new parody song for Rico Dosties http://www.treksinscifi.com podcast.  It’s called Elephants in the Ready Room- sung to the tune of Smokin in the boys room.  It is all about the Next Generation Star Trek episode called “Chain of Command”  check it out here:  http://www.christrocks.com/parody

I talk about the new ABC series V


Andrew and I got interviewed by Jenni and Kenny from Knights of the Guild for their podcast.

listen to episode 9 part 2 for our interviewhttp://www.knightsoftheguild.com

I talk about Geico.

Proverbs Chapter 8:1-11 (Message Bible)

I talk a lot about how to keep our lives full of thankfulness.  I did a cool poll on Facebook and Twitter-  How do you stay thankful?  I read a bunch of comments and comment myself.

Visit my facebook page:  http://www.facebook.com/rick.moyer

I share a cool song from a Scripture memory song.  It’s from the CD called THANKSGIVING
Check it out:  HERE

I talk some more about staying thankful. 

Then I play a cool old Petra song called “I have a thankful heart”

Lyrics Language: English

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Petra Thankful Heart Lyrics:
Ephesians 5:20
Words by Bob Hartman and Dino Elefante
Music by John Elefante
I have a thankful heart that you have given me
And it can only come from you
There is no way to begin to tell you how I feel
There are no words to express how you’ve become so real
Jesus, you’ve given me so much I can’t repay
I have no offering
There is no way to begin to tell you how I feel
There’s nothing more I can say and no way to repay
Your warming touch that melts my heart of stone
Your steadfast love – I’ll never be alone
I have a thankful heart that you have given me
And it can only come from you
I have a thankful heart; words don’t come easily
But I am sure you can see my thankful heart
Help me be a man of God
A man who’s after Your own heart
Help me show my gratitude
And keep in me a thankful heart

I read some emails from Jose and Spaltor.

I then pray for you, and ask for your support for Take Him With You.  Please email me your comments, ideas and encouragment.  rick@takehimwithyou.com

I then play many promos:
Waffle On  http://waffleon.podbean.com
Anomaly  http://www.anomalypodcast.com
Champ Podcast http://www.champodcast.com
Knights of the Guild http://www.knightsoftheguild.com
Treks In Sci Fi http://www.treksinscifi.com
Appy Times  http://appytimes.podbean.com

Thanks to everyone that listens, and to all that have donated.  Amy and I love you and appreciate you so much!

Bless you!

Direct download:  http://www.takehimwithyou.com/podcast/110809keepingtankfull.mp3


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