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Join Amy and me as we talk about 26 years together, chirping frogs, ocean recordings and our dog’s second birthday. Plus more… how to communicate more effectively with your spouse and other little bits of truth. Fun show!


#130 Money- Is it the root of all evil?

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On this episode we talk about the new Captain America Movie, our new electric lawn mower, Amy getting secret wifi signals, the new website and more!  Then we discuss the whole concept of money.  Is it the root of all evil?  What did Jesus say about money?  Come find out.

Come watch Jade be hilarious on her Dogumentary!


June 5, 2011

#122 Mysteries of the Bible part 3- Dragons and Dinosaurs in the Bible?

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Come do the dinosaur with us! Today we talk about if Dragons and Dinosaurs are in the Bible. We also talk about my friend Jeff’s cool podcast about his collectibles, new voiceover jobs,, and more. Nathan, our son, joins us for a moment on the cast. Then of course, we talk all about accounts of dragons and dinosaurs in the Bible. Did humans and dinosaurs live at the same time?

#87 Zombies, Geocaching & Faith- A visit with Bret Hammond

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Join Amy and I as we talk about her birthday,a review of Letters to Juliet, the new MW-ORBIT project, we pray for Angela from the Anomaly podcast and wish her well. Then we interview our friend Bret Hammond from Kansas IL. He shares about his hobbies, family and faith. He is a father, author, geocacher and pastor! You will enjoy this interview.

Here is Bret’s zombie story

check out the new MW-ORBIT music/short story project:

#54 That’s what He said- what did Jesus really say?
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I start out and play the promo for my Stargazer project.  Check it out and buy a copy today.

Amy joins me to talk about our Wii Sports Active that Catherine got for her birthday. 

We then talk about SYFY’s new show Caprica, the prequel to Battlestar Galactica.

We then have a discussion on the new Ipad from Apple.

We then discuss our dream home and the contest on HGTV

Amy and I talk about searching for a new church to attend.

I then talk about the upcoming places I am preaching.

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I start out talking about UFO’s and Nuclear War in the Bible.

I talk extensivley about the words of Jesus and what he really said.  Take a listen.

After that I play a song by the David Crowder Band called “Obsession”  cool song.

I then pray for you.
Next week is our Valentine’s special called “When the love comes down, aka The Gong Show”

Please tell your friends!  I hope you enjoyed the program this week.

Here are the promos I played this week on the show:
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Knights of the Guild
Treks In Sci Fi
Appy Times