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Join Amy and me as we talk about 26 years together, chirping frogs, ocean recordings and our dog’s second birthday. Plus more… how to communicate more effectively with your spouse and other little bits of truth. Fun show!


#65 Quality Time- Are we there yet?  Take Him With You Podcast from Rick & Amy Moyer
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Join Amy and I for a crazy discussion on a small HD video camera called the DXG-567V, film festivals and Itunes, Red Box and the big subject- Quality Time- from the book the 5 love languages by Gary Chapman. SECRETS to better COMMUNICATION! All that and more on this episode of Take Him With You. Rick & Amy Moyer

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#63 What turns your crank? Secrets to better communication.  Take Him With You podcast with Rick & Amy Moyer
Join Amy and I as we talk about the Ipad, a very different Easter church service we attended and more. I play my didgeridoo and then we talk about how to more effectivley communicate by learning each other’s …love language. This discussion is based on the book “The 5 Love languages” by Gary Chapman. Join us for this new series- What turns your crank?

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