Who’s dreams do you fuel?

Posted: March 8, 2011 in Cool Stuff just for you


My brother, our friend Matt and Me singing Willie Nelson tunes.


Every one of us has dreams.  We get them as children and they stick with us all through our life.  I was refelcting on all the things I have done in my life up to this point and how grateful I am for those people that helped fuel my dreams.  I came to the conclusion that if others have helped us, then we should, in turn help others to dream along the way too.


I think of my parents and how they encouraged me to use my speaking abilities by getting me involved in speech tournaments.  They also bought me my first musical instrument and put up with my piano, guitar and saxophone playing.  When they bought me my first electric guitar, they probably regretted it at first, but later they would hear the songs that I wrote and smile.  I would often see my parents beaming from ear to ear on the front row during the musicals that I wrote as they were being performed.  


Besides my parents, my uncle Bruce was the first to really invest in my musical mayhem.  He gave me my first guitar.   It was an acoustic 12 string.  He didn’t just give me the guitar, he taught me how to play the song “House of the rising sun” by the Animals.  If you can play that song, you can play just about any rock song that exists.  I played that thing till my fingers bled.  I could finally get what I heard on the inside of my heart out to a listening audience.  And I did.  I have played in front of thousands of people over the years.  My uncle helped fuel my dreams.  As a result I have tried to help others get musical instruments over the years.  If I could fuel someones dream like my uncle and my parents did mine, then I have done something worthwhile with my life. 


Another person that helped me along my path was a man named Dick Whitlock. Dick was an older man, the husband of my childhood babysitter.  He drove a classic old car, worked in his shop a lot with his hands and LOVED music.   He saw the music in me and let me listen to his record collection.  He bought a microphone for his cassette deck and let me play DJ on the weekends with his music.  He would take me to Payless House of Values on Saturdays to pick up the latest hit 45 record.  We would take them back to his place and give them a spin.  He was so cool, because he never limited us to any particular music genre.  One week we would be listening to Blondie, and the next to Willie Nelson.  He even made me listen to the “B” side of the 45.  I remember him saying that many people pass by some very good music just because of the charts.  That an artist had more depth than just one single.  Dick believed in me and fueled my dreams.  My first job besides working in the electronics department at J.C. Penney’s,was a DJ at a local radio station on the weekends. 


I think of my brother who gave me part of his cassette collection and I got my first taste of Heart, Styx and Fleetwood Mac.  He had now idea what that would inspire in me.  The whole world opened up to me and one of the reasons I make music is because he helped fuel my dreams.

  Of course I will never forget how things really changed for me music wise.  It was shortly after I had given my life over to God.  I had a pretty radical conversion to believing in a personal relationship with Christ.  I had sat down at grand piano late one night in the Hoquiam Presbyterian Church and was frustrated because I just couldn’t play like I wanted too.  I had no piano lessons and to this day don’t put my fingers on the keys correctly.  I prayed.  I asked God to help me express what I heard inside.  That very night my playing changed.  The creator of the universe fueled my dreams.  I dedicated my talents to Him and he has helped my dreams come true. 


There have been countless teachers, coaches, employers and friends that have inspired me over the years as well, and I am so grateful for the folks that have helped fuel my dreams.



So who do we help?  How do we fuel someone elses dreams? Is there somebody that needs an encouraging note? Do they need  help buying their first guitar?  Maybe we know someone who we need to buy theater tickets for, or someone that needs a kind word of encouragement.  I challenge us to help fuel someones dreams.  It doesn’t have to cost a huge amount, just take a breath and look around us. Look for the good things in others and dare to bring them out. 


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