The irony of Super Bowl Commercials

Posted: February 7, 2011 in Cool Stuff just for you


Years ago I ordered satellite television.  With the package came a very innovative technology called the DVR or Digital Video Recorder.  This is a tapeless recording device that uses a computer hard drive to store video recordings.  It can pause and rewind live programming, or let me watch my programs whenever I feel like it.  I love it.  It also allows me to skip the commercials, which I do frequently, saving me time when it comes to simply watching the shows I want without all the distractions.  It makes a 60 minute program 45 minutes.  I like saving time. 

 Amy and I went on a recent overnight stay in a Seattle area hotel and were watching the nice TV in our room when I wanted to pause and then rewind something we were watching.  Well, we couldn’t, it wasn’t the DVR technology.  So I realized just how spoiled I had become in my reliance on being able to manipulate my television programming. 

 Yesterday as I was watching the 45th Super Bowl I did the exact opposite.  I don’t care much for football, so the only reason I was watching was for the commercials.  Since they pay so much to air these spots (up to three million per spot) advertisers go all out with elaborate commercials that are creative and innovative.  I did watch the game a bit, but really didn’t care who won.  It felt strange watching commercials since I normally don’t. 

 This is actually becoming a problem in the entertainment industry.  People are fast forwarding through the commercials, so the advertisers aren’t getting the exposure they are paying for.  Huge discussions have taken place now on product placement within the programs so there is no way to skip through seeing them.  They are even considering making it impossible to skip the commercials on the newer DVR technologies. 

 So as I am thinking about all this I realize that I wish my life was a DVR.  Don’t you?  I mean, we could fast forward through the tough stuff, and play the things that we like.  But alas, that is not reality is it?  I find myself wishing I could live in a fantasy world, but it isn’t practical.  I guess in life you take the good with the bad and let things even out. 

 I think we all go through seasons.  Some times are easier than others.  The point is seasons never stay the same.  They change.  That is good because it means if things are really hard, they will get better.  It’s not always comforting, but when things are really good, they are bound to get hard sometimes.  I think the wonderful part about life is that if we have faith in Jesus, then no matter what our circumstances find us in, he is with us.  He holds us in his hand and cares about us.  He comforts us even when we are down and  celebrates with us when we are up.  When you think about it God is really the only constant in our lives.  He is the only one that doesn’t change on us.  He always believes the best about us, is for us and really does care about the outcome of our lives.  I’m not implying that we should be selfish here, just that God loves us.  When we serve him with our whole heart we are assured that has our backs, even when we don’t think he does.

 We may not understand everything that happens to us, and  we may want to fast forward through the commercials in life, but I do know that God is with us through the whole program called life and that is good


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