#105 The end of the World?

Posted: February 7, 2011 in Cool Stuff just for you

#105 The End of the World?


Join us for a podcast that you won’t soon forget. On this episode we share about how our new dog is doing, Catherine gets here driving permit, a review of NBC’s Harry’s Law and more! Plus I play my new Star Trek Voyager Parody song to the tune of Cold as Ice. Then we discuss the topic of the week- is the end of the world really near? We read your facebook and twitter comments and share what Jesus said about the end of the Age. Music from Larry Norman, Gramatrain, Ali Mishaka and more! Don’t miss this episode full of geeky goodness!

Promos played:

MW-ORBIT http://www.mw-orbit.com

Knights of the Guild
Treks in Sci Fi
Waffle On
Champ Podcast
The Anomaly Podcast

Songs played: From the Bandslam Sound Track- I want you to want me
Rick Moyer- Encased in Ice (parody song of As cold as ice)
Larry Norman- I wish we’d all been ready
Gramatrain- Six O’clock News
REM- The end of the world


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