#104 Got Wisdom?

Posted: January 29, 2011 in Cool Stuff just for you

Podcast #104  Got Wisdom?
direct link/listen or download:

Join us for a great discussion on how to get wisdom!  Amy and I talk about the new Stryper cover of Carry on the Wayward Son, we introduce our new dog Jade,talk about Catherine getting her driver’s permit and more! Listen to the new promo for the new Fastforward Podcast with Al & Joyce Kessel all about the Amazing Race.  The big discussion ensues as we talk about who are wise people among us.  We read your facebook and twitter comments and talk all about what we think about wisdom.

Jade our new puppy

I play promos for MW-ORBIT, Champ Podcast, Treks in Sci Fi, The Anomaly Podcast, Knights of the Guild, Waffle On, Tales from the Mouse House and Fringecast with Wayne Henderson.  Then at the end I throw the song We will Spock You on for fun.

This podcast is more fun than you should have for free.  🙂


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