The top five gifts I’ve ever received

Posted: December 20, 2010 in Cool Stuff just for you

I have received many gifts over my lifetime.  So many in fact that I can’t tell you all that has been given to me. I think for everyone though, that there are some gifts that stand out.  Here are my top five and why.

Number 5

I’ll never forget one Christmas morning when I was around 11 years old.  I had been trying to guess one of the gifts under the trees that had my name on it.  It was heavy, and it made a clunking noise when I shook it.  I couldn’t figure it out.  Then the morning arrived, I was up at the crack of dawn waiting for my parents to give the ok to open our gifts.  I tore into that gift faster than any other before.  And then it happened.  I almost fainted.  It was a Montgomery Wards turntable with speakers and the 45 record of the Eagles, Hotel California!  One of the top five gifts of all time.  why?  Because my parents believe in inspiring me with music.  I loved music, and still do to this day.

Number 4

I was at Grandma & Grandpa Hansen’s house-the place as a kid that we most often spent Christmas Eve with our extended family.  I was nine or ten and I still got gifts from everyone.  There it was, a big box with the coolest toy ever,  The Evil Kenevil Stunt Set and Trailer.  Yes, I was the kid always trying to jump his bicycle over silly things, and this was the reason why.  You put this cool motorcycle on a wind up platform and turned the crank.  Then when it was wound tight, you pushed the cool lever and the bike raced off with Evil himself riding.  And boy did it go.  I LOVED that toy.  I think I thought that his spirit of adventure was seriously cool, oh and that he was going to try and jump the Grand Canyon on his rocket cycle.  That was cool.

Number 3

15 years old and wanting desperately to make my own music my Mom and Dad did something I honestly never expected.  I had opened all my gifts and was ok with stuff when my Mom said, “Oh there is one more thing for Ricky”  My brother came out with a guitar case.  In it was an electric guitar.  Yep. AN ELECTRIC GUITAR!  Oh my….  this was another gift where I almost peed my pants.  Again, mom and dad saw something in me, and my desire to play the music that inspired me.   They had no idea what they would start.  I made the whole top of the house into a stage, and it was never quiet again.  🙂  hehehehe. 

 Number 2

In September of 1986 I met one of the most amazing people to grace my life.  A girl named Amy signed up for a campus club at our college fair.  I saw her and fell in love instantly.  Now, it took me a good few months to convince her, but once I did, she married me.  She, besides my parents, is a person that believes in me and has done so much for me.  She has love me in the best and worst of times.  I could never do anything to deserve her.  She is a gift from God.  I look at her as a gift because she was given to me and I gave her my heart. 

Number 1

In 1985 my life turned upside down because of man I was introduced too.  He was nothing like I thought he would be.  I had never really been to interested in religion, and wasn’t about to start, and this is why this guy became so important to me.  Instead of introducing me to religion I was introduced to a friend that changed my life forever.  His name was Jesus.  And to this day, we are great friends.  He has changed the way I look at life and death.  I am grateful that he died on the cross for me and rose from the dead.  He is the single greatest influence in my life and without him I would be lost.  It’s not a religion to me, it’s a relationship with s savior who loves me and accepts me how I am.  I would have to say that salvation is the best gift I could ever receive.. EVER.  The cool part is that anyone who calls upon the name of Jesus can be saved too. 

  1. Amy Moyer says:

    Thank you Dear, that was so sweet!

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