What Christmas Really is

Posted: November 29, 2010 in Cool Stuff just for you

Here is a poem I wrote last night.  I hope you enjoy it.

What Christmas Really Is.
by Rick Moyer

While walking through the crowded aisle
That Wal-Mart made so small
I pondered how before Thanksgiving
There were Christmas lights and all

For when I was just a little kid
the stores would never dare
to put the trimmings out like that
not greed they seemed to care

When people called it Christmas
instead of being politically correct
we sang hymns in school plays
with no problem and respect

 It wasn’t called black Friday
stores opened after eight
the deals they were ok
but they really weren’t that great

Instead of electronics on wish lists
that every kid demanded
we were thrilled with a few army men
and a balsa glider that landed.

Family was the focus of our holiday
and spending time together
the effort went into seeing each other
regardless of the weather

In later years I kind of woke up
and realized what it was for
That Christmas wasn’t simply family
that the significance was more

The manger scene that graced our home
was there most every year
but for some reason I hadn’t noticed
through all the Christmas cheer

 How a baby was born in a stable
and a world was saved through him
that he would bring peace on Earth
and save us from our sin 

What courage and determination
that he mustered through his years
to love us in spite of ourselves
and deliver us from fears

Yes Christmas is much more than gifts
it’s what’s behind it all
It’s a baby born that then grew up
and redeemed us from the fall

Through asking him into our heart
we open  the gift of grace
He understands our hopes and dreams
helping us through tough times we face 

You see it’s not about the gifts we give
or the things we get from friends
it’s all about the life we live
and the people we’ve loved in the end
We can enjoy the traditions and stuff
that we see each and every season
but let us not forget the purpose
that Jesus is the reason.

For if we truly wish to celebrate
like we were created to do at first
it’s not the money or the gifts
that we should hunger for or thirst

it’s to be right with a God that loves us
who opens up our eyes
that was born as a baby and lived a life
who has heard every one of our cries

He gives a gift of himself you see
if we would only open up the present
Perhaps Christmas would be different,
life giving and more than pleasent.

So see your family, and visit a friend
forget the Christmas biz
Recieve the God that gives us life
That’s what Christmas really is


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