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 by Rick  Moyer

Growing up I had some pretty darn cool holidays.  I remember it being all about family, food and fun.  I looked forward to seeing my relatives and eating my Grandma Hansen’s marshmallow fudge.  Grandpa Hansen carved the turkey and my uncles always kept us entertained.  Those were great times that I will never forget.


This Thursday millions of Americans will be stuffing their faces with Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie.    The original premise of Thanksgiving was to honor God and give him thanks for provision throughout the last year.  It was celebrated by attending church with loved ones, eating with others, praying and singing to God.  Through the years, the church services have dropped off and giving thanks to God has diminished, but the eating part and getting together with family has not.  It truly is the only holiday in which its original intent was Christian from the start.  The day is marked with fond thoughts and in most families, laughter, joy and appreciation.  Of course holiday times can have a dark side to them.  It is also the time of year when a lot of bad memories can come up for some.  Not everyone was raised in loving homes or with folks they felt encouraged by.  It really is easy to think about our problems and negative situations rather than the blessings in our lives. 


Today as I was checking my Facebook page a dear friend of the family began to chat with me.  She wanted to thank me for being there for her family during tough times.  She went on to say how encouraging Amy and I were to her.  My eyes welled up with tears as she said the kind words.  We talked about our struggles and then began to talk of how we were thankful for blessings in our life.  We told each other no matter how bad it gets, there are always blessing.  She then told me a story of how her daughter was changed by a simple act of obedience, an act that everyone of us could do, with similar results.  She had come to a very dark place in her life, and things looked very bad for her.  As she sat in the car with her daughter they began to write a list of things that were a blessing in  her life and that she was thankful for.  I know, it’s the last thing we want to do when we are in our pity parties, but hang on.  The mom shared how that moment had a profound impact on her daughter and since that day many years ago it has been much different.  The daughter is married and has a family now, not struggling in the areas that had her down, and has a thankful heart.


The simple act of being thankful can change our life. It’s not in our nature to be thankful.  It’s in our nature to be negative and feel sorry for ourselves.  God knows that about us.  This is why we read in the Bible so many passages on praising and thanking God.  That is why Thanksgiving is such a GREAT idea.  No matter how hard it is, we all have something to be thankful for.  Can you imagine the Pilgrims, out of food, a bunch of them had died, things were bleak and they were all cold and hungry?  They had every right to be sad, depressed and negative.   One of them had a great idea given to them by God.  Why not write a list of what we are thankful for and then honor God with our lives?   I firmly believe that we wouldn’t celebrate the freedom we have and the blessings we enjoy if Thanksgiving had not been given.  It changes EVERYTHING.


So if it worked for the founders of my Country, why wouldn’t it work for us?  I know it sounds corny, but just for a moment, get out a piece of paper and a pen or pencil, or open up your email and address it to yourself, maybe even a text message…. And begin to write down what you are thankful for.  It could be so many things- The food you eat, the clothes you wear, the air you breathe, or the roof over your head-it will be different for everyone.  We all have  a few things that can be thankful for.  Then when you are done with your list, bow your head and thank God for them.  Watch what happens.  Something inside will click.  It’s a supernatural thing.  The negative stuff starts to dissolve and the pessimism is replaced by gratefulness.  


I’ll start:


Dear God,


Thank you for my life.  Thank you for my family, all my kids, my daughter in law, my wife, siblings and my mom and dad.  Thanks for being my friend and sticking with me even when things haven’t been easy.  Thank you for believing in me and never giving up on me.  Thank you for:  Breathing, Eating, writing music, the church we attend, hearing laughter, laughing, love, true friendship, grace, the Bible, guitars, keyboards, the Internet and ice cream.  Most of all thanks for saving my life and for the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others.  Thank you for eternal life as I trust in you and most of all thank you for smiles and peace in my heart.







Ok, it’s your turn.  Write your thank you note and watch how your life changes.  Enjoy the Turkey but don’t forget the reason for Thanksgiving, it’s right there in the name.  Happy thanks giving.



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