Join Amy and I as we talk about MW-ORBIT, Caprica,Amy’s trip to the TOP convention, our future trip to Seattle for our birthdays and I play my new funny original song called “Think like a Vulcan” I play the new Martians are here podcast promo and more! Then we read your comments from Facebook and Twitter on the worst part about being decieved. Amy and I talk about deception and ways and our experiences on how to avoid it in the future. Practical and useful information this time around on Take Him With You!

Check out my new audio and short story project!

Want to give to help keep Take Him With You Coming out each week?  Or would you like to donate to the MW-ORBIT project?
Visit our donation page here.

We played promos for the following Podcasts:
The Martians Are Here Podcast
Knights of the Guild Podcast
Waffleon Podcast
The Anomaly Podcast
Tales from the Mouse House
Champ Podcast
Treks in Sci Fi Podcast

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