Spiders and the bigger picture

Posted: August 22, 2010 in Cool Stuff just for you


Spiders are cool little creatures. I don’t like being too close to them. So I used my macro lens and just take pictures of them.   While I was getting the shot I watched as a unsuspecting fly got caught in the spider’s web.  As soon as the spider sensed movement, he shot from the middle of the web directly to the fly suspended helplessly in the web of death.  The spider picked him up, poked his fangs in it, then carried it to the middle where he proceeded to wrap him in web and put him to the side for a snack later on. 

I am pretty sure the fly had no idea that it would be his last moments.  He was going about life and got caught when he least expected it.  It was a trap that if he would have looked a little further over he would have seen the spider waiting for him. 

The fly didn’t see the bigger picture.  I think if we would try and look a little further than our nose we might avoid some pretty rough situaions.  I know that when I accepted Christ into my life my perspective began to change.  Instead of always worrying about myself and my needs, I began to look around me and see the needs of others, and most importantly, the plan that God had for my life.

I see so many people bound up by the hard things that happen in life.  It is sad, because they are bound up and paralyzed from doing all the things they were created to do.  I pray for them and ask God to get them free from the web they are stuck in.  I think the first step is to start to be aware that we have an enemy of our souls, and the best way to keep from getting snared is to concern oursleves with the plan that Jesus has for our life. 

I personally am tired of being a snack for the devil.  How about you?

I am making it a priority to keep my eyes open and my heart ready to help others.  That way I can see the bigger picture and not get stuck.

  1. Adam says:

    very good………….and very timely………..

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