# 82 Judge Not- The Take Him With You Podcast with Rick & Amy Moyer

Posted: August 21, 2010 in Cool Stuff just for you

# 82 Judge Not- The Take Him With You Podcast with Rick & Amy Moyer
direct link:  http://www.takehimwithyou.com/podcast/082210judgenot.mp3

Join Amy and I as we talk about Digital photography and getting prints @ Walmart, Netflix and Stargate SG-1,The advanced technology and reduction of cost in the computer world & listen to some samples of the music I am creating for the Martians are here podcast. We talk briefly about my New Music project & more! I play two new songs for you and our main topic is about being judgemental. Take the test and see if you are! Song– Gotta make and android body & I could ask.

Lyrics to “If could Ask”
by Rick Moyer

copyright 2010 Moyer Multi Media LLC.

I’ve been there many times
the scene unfolds before
where I ecnounter someone
that I’d rather just ignore

Oh the beggar on the street
or the orphans on tv
The mother on welfare
that does drugs instead of eat

So different than I am
So hard to understand
why they would make the choices
That take them where they land

Is that their lot in life
or or can’t I just see  straight
so quickly I dismiss them
blinded by all of the hate

And I try, I try, I try to understand

Who am I to treat them bad
if my life’s an open book
If all they see is hatred
in the way I act and look
Maybe puttin down that picket sign
and wearin Jesus like a mask
I could show compassion
and if they need help I could ask.

Maybe getting our hands dirty
and finding where to start
Perhaps we wouldn’t be so quick
to judge them in our heart

For the boat we find them in
is the boat we are in too
What seperates us is only
What we choose to pull us through

Pointing all the fingers
never gets us anywhere
Loving  one another
Shows we really care

For I have made some stupid choices
for which I am not proud
I am just better at hiding them
and not shouting them outloud.

And I try, I try, I try to understand


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