In our quest to find a church to belong too, we attended a place yesterday that was really kind of cool.  We haven’t looked for a church for 12 years, and now at the beginning of the year we began our adventure to find a place up toward the Olympia area.  We have tried a Baptist, Episcopalian, Southern Baptist and Calvary Chapel. 


The service we went today was in a really cool renovated old library in downtown Olympia.  It’s called “Reality Church”  I was afraid of not finding any close parking, but it wasn’t bad.  We got there about five minutes before the service started and made our way up the steps to the meeting area.  The guy giving out the bulletins was kind.  He greeted us as well as the other lady greeter.  I saw a couple who attended our youth church years ago, so I went to greet them.  It was great to see them.   Besides them, no one else really said a word to us.  The service started with a band that really was great.  It was a full on band with drums, two guitars, a bass and a couple of backup singers.  I really, really enjoyed the music.  It was like therapy to just enter in and worship God in a style I love.   There were announcements from a nice lady, and then a young guy talked about mission outreach in India.  He was really cool.  Then a nice guy dressed in jeans and a casual shirt got up and introduced himself as one of the elders at the church.  I think he said his name, but can’t remember.  He went on to pray and then open the Bible up.  He read some scriptures, introduced his ideas and proceeded to teach about scriptures that he read.  The message was relevant and informative.  It was the perfect length and it fed my Spirit. 


I only got sad once.  This is the way I dreamed of having service when I was pastoring. Just for a moment I was sad that things hadn’t worked out better at the church I was on staff at for years.  I quickly got over it when I realized that so many wonderful things were going on in my life now.  I don’t need to look back, I need to look forward.  I refuse to feel sorry for myself.  All this to say it was wonderful to have some hope about church again.   We may have found a church that we really can fit at. I am hopeful that we have found a team of people working together to serve God, each other and their community. Time will tell.


I’ve invited my mom and dad to come to next week’s service.  I think they might like it too!  Hope is good, hope is refreshing.  I’ll keep you updated.

  1. katie eshom says:

    I have just started going to Reality. My cousin Sean has been going for a couple years and I fell in love with it. I’ve been going on sunday nights. It is quite amazing!! I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

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