#40- A tank full of thankful part 1- why should we be thankful?  110109 With Rick Moyer
Direct Download:  http://www.takehimwithyou.com/podcast/110109thankyou.mp3

I start out with a promo for the following podcasts:
Champ Podcast http://www.champodcast.com
The Anomaly Podcast http://www.anomalypodcast.com

I talk about several things today.  The first being that the Stargazer CD project is released!  YAY  You can get your copy here:  http://www.takehimwithyou.com/stargazer

Wish my wife a Happy Birthday amy@techline.com  It is on November 2nd, 2009

I have a new podcast out on the making of the Stargazer CD–


I put together a new computer for my birthday with my friend Adam.  Or should I say Adam put it together and I helped with goofy commentary.  🙂
Pictures are over at the Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/rick.moyer

I play another couple of promos from:
Tim with Appytimes.   http://appytimes.podbean.com
Kenny and Jenni, the unicorn lovers, http://www.knightsoftheguild.com

Psalm 118 (Message Bible)

I then play a couple more of my cool friend’s promos
Waffle On http://waffleon.podbean.com
Treks in Sci Fi http://www.treksinscifi.com

A tank full of thankful, why should we be thankful?

I talk about why it is important to be thankful in life and work on our attitude. 

What does the Bible have to say about it?

I read the comments on Twitter and my Facebook about what the two biggest thing that people were thankful for.  Cool comments.  http://www.facebook.com/rick.moyer  or http://www.twitter.com/moyer777

I play a cool song by a lady named Cindy Morgan, it’s called “How could I ask for more?”
you can get her music here: http://www.cindymorganmusic.com/new/
How could I ask for more?

There’s nothing like the warmth of a summer afternoon
Waking to the sunlight, and being cradled by the moon
Catching fireflies at night
Building castles in the sand
Kissing Mama’s face goodnight
Holding Daddy’s hand
Thank you Lord, how could I ask for more

Running barefoot through the grass
A little hide and go seek
Being so in love, that you can hardly eat
Dancing in the dark, when there’s no one else around
Being bundled ‘neath the covers, watching snow
Fall to the ground
Thank you Lord, how could I ask for more

So many things I thought would bring me happiness
Some dreams that are realities today
Such an irony the things that mean the most to me
Are the memories that I’ve made along the way

So if there’s anything I’ve learned
From this journey I am on
Simple truths will keep you going
Simple love will keep you strong
Cause there are questions without answers
Flames that never die
Heartaches we go through are often blessings in disguise
So thank you Lord, oh thank you Lord
How could I ask for more

You can get that song on Itunes by searching for “How could I ask for more”

I assign homework:  Make a list of things and people that you are thankful for.

I share a couple of stories about being thankful. 

I also share some writings from the Bible on why we should be thankful.

I play another song, this time by a band named 33Miles
find their stuff here: http://www.33milesonline.com/


Thank You by 33Miles
What if in morning when I wake up
Even before I fill my coffee cup
I said thank You
Thank You

What if I look at the day and the hours ahead
And before I move forward I bowed my head
And said thank You
Oh I said thank You

What if I looked at my life in a different way
Took a little more time to stop and pray
I know it would change all the moments in between
So here I go

Thank You for everything
Thank You for loving me
It don?t even matter what tomorrow brings
Well I will sing my

Thank You for sun and rain
For what You give and take away
For all Your goodness I will always say
Thank You
Oh I’ll say thank You

What if I lost everything that I had
I could smile and somehow still be glad
And say thank You
Thank you

Cause life is joy, life is pain
But the prayer on my heart will never change
I say thank You
Oh I’ll say thank You

I then pray for you and introduce next weeks podcast-  how to stay thankful!  It’s going to be awesome.  I would love some emails and audio comments rick@takehimwithyou.com Please oh please, oh please.  Here is the question… What and why are you thankful for, how do you stay thankful?

Direct Download:  http://www.takehimwithyou.com/podcast/110109thankyou.mp3


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