A dream of healing

Posted: June 26, 2009 in Cool Stuff just for you

I had the most fascinating dream last night.

For months I have had some very sleepless nights over the stress of transition, rejection and change.  It is always hard to reconcile things when you have done everything you know how to do, but it seems to change nothing.  Biblically if you know someone has a problem with you, you are supposed to go to them and work it out.  What happens if they don’t want to work it out?  Or because it might mean they have to change, they don’t want to hear it?  There is a lot of denial in the “body of Christ”  because of what it means if reality is confronted.  Good question.  That is where you learn to trust that God’s timing is the best.

24 years ago a pastor told me if I got involved in music ministry that I would be serving the devil.  He was very harsh on me.  He told me it was disobeying God to use that evil rock n roll music.  It was very tough on me because I respected him a great deal.  I did what God told me to do and became not only a band member playing Christian rock music, but also a radio personality and brought a lot of great music in to the Harbor area.  Guess what?  That pastor found me on Facebook a few days ago.  And he apologized to me.   He told me he had changed his views and that he was sorry for being so harsh with me.  I , of course, forgave him many, many years ago, but again I wrote back and told him I loved him and I forgave him. 

TWENTY FOUR YEARS!  Wow, that is a long time.  I don’t always understand how that works.  I would have liked to have had things all taken care of 24 years ago, but God had his timing.

So last night I had a dream that I had gone back to the church I had pastoredat for many years.  Everything had changed.  I wasn’t upset about it but was convinced that I had made the right choice, because it wasn’t my vision at all.  So I was on my way out of the door when I ran into one of the leaders that I had felt close to for many years.  He kind of ignored me so I shook my head and started to go to my car.  He asked if there was anything I wanted to say to him.  So in my dream I was finally able to share with him what I felt about the whole situation with Amy and I and how it was handled.  I told him how I missed his friendship and was surprised that he never came to me personally to just get things resolved between us.  He listened.  It was so nice.  He was gracious and asked me to forgive him.  There were points that he didn’t agree with me on, but that was OK.  He ended up hugging me and praying for me.  I woke up.

I had a strange sense of peace about it all.  I knew it was a dream.  But I not only remembered it but felt good about being able to share with him.  You see I really needed that dream from God.  The leader really has no idea how much his friendship meant to me.  But God did.  I think He gave me the dream so that I could move on with this particular hurt.  Nobody every feels good if they feel that haven’t been heard.  And the loss of a friendship over politics in church is probably the worst experience ever.  But God cares.  And he gave me peace.

It may be 24 years from now, or it might be never.  The point is I needed to move on.  God knew I needed some type of resolve.  So he sent me the pastor from 24 years ago to show me that his timing was best, and then gave me a dream to give me hope for the more recent situations. 

God is good.


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