It’s too late to eat these fries.

Posted: June 11, 2009 in Cool Stuff just for you

So the other day I was goofing around making the new Star Trek Paroday song called “Engergize”  and one of my kids started laughing.  He and his friend Josh came up with words to the chorus of One Republic’s song “Apologize”  They had just been at McDonalds and had some cold fries.  We all know what cold fries taste like from McDonalds.  eewwww.  Yuck.  For some reason when the grease is hot, so are the fries and the taste great, but when the get cold, well.. they aren’t even edible.  The fries in the video are a week old.. but you can’t tell from looking at them.  They are hard as rocks and could really hurt someone.  hehehe.   Ok here is the new music video.  Enjoy.



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