Fixing the sink- no more leaks

Posted: May 28, 2009 in Cool Stuff just for you
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This morning Amy went to get something from under the kitchen sink when she noticed water on the floor. Oh oh.

I am not a plumber, at all. In fact, I break most things that water flows through. I waited for Andrew to get home and we went to Dennis Company to get parts. Turns out the locking washing thingymabob was broken where it attaches to the sink. So, we replace the ancient metal broken thingy with a new updated plastic counterpart. And THE SINK IS FIXED! yay. Thank you Andrew for the help, thanks Amy for the diagnosis, and thanks Dennis Company for having the right part.

Total cost to fix the sink. $5.99 plust tax, and some elbow grease on Andrew’s part.


  1. Jeff Jobb says:

    Your plumbing expertise Rick sounds about as good as mine, I think I have used those terms as well. It is nice you have some help close at hand 🙂

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