Andrew gets his scholarship

Posted: May 22, 2009 in Cool Stuff just for you

Andrew got a letter in the mail saying that he needed to come to a scholarship awards night at the college.  Of course he didn’t tell us we were invited.  🙂  After figuring out that we could go, we did.  Met up with some friends of ours Paulletta and Danielle Hollister.  So it made the evening a tad bit better to spend at the Bishop Center.

Anyway, we are very proud of Andrew and the fine young man he is becoming.  Everyone that he works with says he is a hard worker and a joy to be around.  That is cool.

This is the acknowledgement of his $1000 tool scholarship from the Hughes Tool Scholarship foundation.  He got to meet Mr. Hughes, so that was way cool.  Andrew said he thanked him.  🙂  Then of course they called his name as Anthony.  Poor guy!  But we did get to make fun of him!  🙂   We ended up going out for ice cream afterward and congratulated him.  He even stayed still for a photo with his mom.  Miracles still happen!

Here is the video of him getting his award.


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