My thoughts on the new Star Trek movie.

Posted: May 9, 2009 in Cool Stuff just for you

Well, our whole family went up on Thursday to see the new Star Trek movie.

We stood in line at the IMAX theater in Lacey WA.

Well, we didn’t actualy stand in line, because the doors were already open when we got there.  A bunch of my friends met at a Burger King nearby the theater to get some star Trek glasses.

So we watched the movie….  and I really enjoyed it.  Here is a trailer for it:

After watching the movie I sighed a bit of relief.  All the hype was true, it was very well done with class and respect to all of the fans, as well as intrigue for all of the new folks that would experience Trek. 

Some of my favorite moments:

Kirk being born
Spock on Vulcan
The Kelvin in battle
Meeting McCoy
Enterprise in Dry Dock
Scotty just talking.  I loved his character.
The orbital skydiving

the list could go on and on.  It was just a great movie.  Lots of action and fun.

The wait is finally over, and I am happy about the outcome. 

Listen to Take Him With You this weekend for a live report from the movie and theater.  VERY FUN!

woo hoo!


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