Buddy, Me, Nic, & Ged (not pictured: Andrew)

I was asked awhile back to do worship at a Men’s retreat in Spanaway.  At first I thought, no, I’m not doing that anymore.  I’m not pastoring at a church, I’m not playing anywhere right now, so no.

Of course the Holy Spirit is cool.  He nudged me.  We were sitting in Olive Garden with my friends from Yelm.  I said- “Let me pray about it”  and so I figured I better keep my word.  So I did pray about it.

I thought of all the reasons I didn’t want to do it, and all the obstacles in my way.  Do you ever do that?  You ever think of reasons why you shouldn’t do what you know you should?  I am good at convincing myself I can’t.  I really think we need to be challenging ourselves that WE CAN.  You know?

So here was ther reasons I couldn’t do it:

No band.
Don’t have an amp.
I’m washed up.
Nobody likes the way I lead worship.
Where’s Spanaway?
My reputation sucks.

All these reasons were satanically inspired.

Here are all the reasons I should:

I know musicians that love God and would play if I asked them too.
I found an amp for under $200.
I have a calling to lead people in worship and preach and teach prophetically.
I have a bright future in Jesus.
God loves the way I worship him! (even if it is rocking and loud!)
I have a GPS unit. 🙂
I am not a failure, I am obeying Jesus.  My reputation is in his hands, and he knows the truth.


Needless to say, I contacted my friends Buddy and Ged and they said they would play, I prayed about a set list and called my friend back.  I said I would do it.  My son Andrew traveled with me to Spanaway and we had a FANTASTIC weekend of worshipping God.

God really moved in our time of worship.  We rocked it out.  Ged and Bud were so awesome.  It was like we had been playing together for a long time.  During a worship time I got a prophetic song called “I lay it all down”  I saw David standing on the balcony overlooking his Kingdom and shared about how he let his eyes wander.  He should have been out fighting like Kings were supposed too.  But he tarried in Jerusalem.  It got him in trouble.  So we began to worshp the Lord and repent of not doing what we were called to as men.  Idle time messes us up.  When we are doing what we are called to do, we don’t have time to mess up.  Sin is crouching at the door waiting to pounce, what we allow will tear us apart if we don’t watch it.

So we sang, we worshipped we prayed.  It was great.

Then afterward our host took the band out for dinner and I met a pastor.  He was really cool.  His name was Jerry. 

Pastor Jerry.

Good guy.  Our host Gary Duda treated Andrew and I like gold.  We were so blessed to stay at his house for the night.  Then we went to the rest of the retreat and I got to be on a panel and talk about evangelism and using our gifts and talents to reach a lost and dying world.  It went really well.  I played ten minutes of the audio drama Beaten To A Pulp.  They seemed to enjoy it.  And then I got to pray for people.  The whole panel was great.  There were four of us that talked on various subjects. 

After the retreat Andrew and I got to sit and just chat with Gary and his wife Danice.  They are a very gracious and wonderful couple.  What a blessing to be friends with seasoned vetrans in the ministry and such un-religious real folks.  Andrew and I both enjoyed our time.  It was good for us. 

You know it’s not all about the buildings or places we worship.  It’s about the God we serve, and the people who serve Him.  The Church is the people, not the building or denomination.  Power struggles, politics, manipulation and the like are all part of life, but Jesus is above all that.  He has the ability to connect us with his people.  It is refreshing and challenging.   May we have a close personal relationship with Christ, not the organization or meeting place.  Our life comes from the Spirit of God.  He is the first in our lives, everything else falls into line when he is our priority.

Then on Sunday my pastor had an incredible message out of Philippians.  Listen here.

It was good for me to hear.  It was good for all of us to hear.  We can’t move forward when we focus on the past. 

Lead on Jesus.  Let’s go.  Ok, I’m off to go pray for a bunch of folks.  Woo hoo!

  1. tytanshammer says:

    It’s hard to turn the tape recorder off……….but we need to……….I’m reminded of Don Potter talking about how he was trying to do worship in a festival type atmosphere in the middle of a storm and the storm blew the P.A. and speakers away, literally. He said they wound up in a small church with a cordless microphone strapped to his buddy’s lapel and him playing guitar and singing into it……….He said that the Holy Spirit dropped in there like a bomb………..yeah, the sound system was pretty bad……..but he added, lets see if that stops God……….

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