Mawwiage- How I asked for Amy’s hand in marriage.

Posted: April 18, 2009 in Cool Stuff just for you

Notes for Podcast “Mawwiage” #041909


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During this podcast we talk about a lot of cool stuff!

We start out with a promo for Treks In Sci Fi Podcast. I got to guest host this weekend and interview Rico Dostie the founder of Treks in Sci Fi. It was fun!

Words of Wisdom

Genesis Chapter 2 (Message Bible)

1 Heaven and Earth were finished, down to the last detail.

2-4 By the seventh day
God had finished his work.
On the seventh day
he rested from all his work.
God blessed the seventh day.
He made it a Holy Day
Because on that day he rested from his work,
all the creating God had done.

This is the story of how it all started,
of Heaven and Earth when they were created.

Adam and Eve

5-7 At the time God made Earth and Heaven, before any grasses or shrubs had sprouted from the ground-God hadn’t yet sent rain on Earth, nor was there anyone around to work the ground (the whole Earth was watered by underground springs)-God formed Man out of dirt from the ground and blew into his nostrils the breath of life. The Man came alive-a living soul!

8-9 Then God planted a garden in Eden, in the east. He put the Man he had just made in it. God made all kinds of trees grow from the ground, trees beautiful to look at and good to eat. The Tree-of-Life was in the middle of the garden, also the Tree-of-Knowledge-of-Good-and-Evil.

15 God took the Man and set him down in the Garden of Eden to work the ground and keep it in order.

16-17 God commanded the Man, “You can eat from any tree in the garden, except from the Tree-of-Knowledge-of-Good-and-Evil. Don’t eat from it. The moment you eat from that tree, you’re dead.”

18-20 God said, “It’s not good for the Man to be alone; I’ll make him a helper, a companion.” So God formed from the dirt of the ground all the animals of the field and all the birds of the air. He brought them to the Man to see what he would name them. Whatever the Man called each living creature, that was its name. The Man named the cattle, named the birds of the air, named the wild animals; but he didn’t find a suitable companion.

21-22 God put the Man into a deep sleep. As he slept he removed one of his ribs and replaced it with flesh. God then used the rib that he had taken from the Man to make Woman and presented her to the Man.

23-25 The Man said,
“Finally! Bone of my bone,
flesh of my flesh!
Name her Woman
for she was made from Man.”
Therefore a man leaves his father and mother and embraces his wife. They become one flesh.
The two of them, the Man and his Wife, were naked, but they felt no shame.

A quick promo for Waffle On Podcast:


The Audio Drama “Beaten to a pulp” is available free on the podcast, as well as for sale with the soundtrack, parts one and two combined, and the director/writer commentary. You can get more information on how to purchase the digital download here.

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Amy and Catherine join us for Rick’s house and talk about Easter Sunrise Service on the beach at Westport Washington. Amy, Catherine and Nathan joined Connection Church for a great heartwarming message on the beach by Pastor Korista. That’s Catherine’s youth pastor. Her message was great. I slept in and went to church at 11.

Here is Nathan and Preston on the Westport Beach at 6 am on Easter Sunday.

Humming Pigs
We talk about the nine hummingbirds that are eating up the sugar water we put out for them. Recipe- 2 cups of sugar, two cups of hot water, stir together and let cool, fill your feeder and watch them fight over the food!

Check out my gallery of humming pig pictures:

Thanks Ged for the link to the USB Turntable

Ace of Cakes is a cool show that I like to watch on the food channel- check it out!


Darrell Mansfield concert- I got to visit with the guy who led me to God. He was really cool. I am glad I got to talk with him and go see him. Here are some pictures of the concert:


I play a promo for the Anomaly Podcast with Angela and Jen. Good stuff!

Then it’s the Knights of the Guild promo with Kenny and Jenny.

Food for Thought

Here we are June 21st 1986

Amy joins me for fun stories about our engagement and how I asked for her hand in marriage. It was very scary for me to ask her dad. Amy recites a poem that her dad read to us. I also shared how I told Amy that I loved her for the very first time. October 31st 1985. Find out what happened.

We talk about how love is a commitment not necessarily a feeling all the time.

We talk about how God picks opposites for each other.

Then we say a quick prayer for single and married folks.

I end the show with a cool song that I recorded years ago called “Soon” by The Church


Two men standing one will be left,
both heard the message but one’s in a mess
He failed to discern the meaning of the times
didn’t make Jesus lord, now he’s left behind

Soon and very soon he’s coming back for you
He’s coming back for me

Don’t be left behind my friend
You gotta make him the Lord today
Put off the old and cling to the new
you gotta be ready for him
when he comes back for you!

Some it makes them nervous
when I say he’s my Lord
Others scream and shout for him
while others they are bored
But Jesus is coming back for a church
that’s red hot! And full of fire!
Zeal for their Lord can’t be outdone
cause he is their only desire.

Soon and very soon he’s coming back for you
He’s coming back for me

Don’t be left behind my friend
You gotta make him the Lord today
Put off the old and cling to the new
you gotta be ready for him
when he comes back for you!

Next week: LOVE, SEX and WAR! It should be fun!

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