Easter Get Together

Posted: April 12, 2009 in Cool Stuff just for you

This Easter was much different than I have been used too.  For the past 11 years I have been involved in some sort of Easter production in a pretty significant way.  Since I’m not pastoring right now, I did my own project called Beaten To A Pulp, the Audio Drama.  It was met with a lot of enthusiasm.  But it was so much different than some of the other projects that I have worked on.  Easter Sunday has always been a very bright spot in my life since I asked Christ into my heart.  But this year, it was profound in a more personal way.  It’s the first year I could identify with small bits of what Jesus felt.  At one time people were singing his praises and so glad to see him, and then in a week they had betrayed him and wanted to kill him.  Now, I’m not saying that anyone wants to kill me, but fame is fickle.   People do treat you different depending on the position you are in.  That is one way of knowing who your real friends are.  A real friend treats you the same no matter what you do for a living.  Nobody is perfect, and we all hurt peole at times, but when people you feel  close to you hurt you it  is dissapointing and makes me sad.  I do good some days, and then others I don’t do as well.  They are just feelings, and through my time with Jesus and counseling I have learned to not judge myself over feelings, what I do with the feelings is more important than having them.   SO…

I went to a different church for the first time in 12 years for Easter.  I went to a little church called Connection Church in South Aberdeen/Cosi.    I’ve been good friends with the leader there for many years.  We were friends first, pastors second.  It’s leadership team is very genuine and humble and really relates to me.  It was the first meeting in the new facility that they have been working on for a long time now.   And it was much different than I am used to.  It was refreshing, and real.  Ryan spoke about the guys in Luke who were walking on their way to Emmaus.  He explained how the resurrected Jesus walked up to them and was not recognized.  As they talked on their way to the destination their hearts burned in them because of the way Jesus was speaking.  Then once they invited him in to stay with them their eyes were opened and they saw who he really was.  What a great revelation that Ryan had concerning this event. 

How often do we know about Jesus, or even talk about him, and not INVITE him to stay with us?  It was really cool.  I got to thinking of how easy it is to get wrapped up in programs, church politics, selfishness and more and miss completely what God is wanting for us.  I am guilty. 

So as we sang amazing grace, I silently re-committed to invite Jesus into my everyday life.  Who knows what he will reveal to me if I listen closer?  My heart will no doubt burn within me as he reveals his scripture to me.

He has risen!  Now if I would only recognize him.

Would you pray for me?  Thanks.


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