I got to visit with Darrell Mansfield tonight.

Posted: April 9, 2009 in Cool Stuff just for you

What a nice time I got to have tonight.  Darrell Mansfield had a concert only 30 some miles from my house, so I was able to go and visit with him.

Darrell led me to the Lord over 24 years ago.  My life was totally changed through him serving God.  You can listen to how it changed my life by clicking here.

Anyway, the show was great and it was just wonderful to be able to thank him for his influence in my life.  It was also really nice to see some of my good friends from over the years.  These are guys that I serve the Lord with off and on over the years in bands, ministries and just have enjoyed their friendship.

Here is my friend Joe with his kids.  Joe, you rock!  He is a great guitar player!

Ah yes, former members of Lookout posing with Darrell… from the left
Darrell Mansfield, Rick Moyer, Ged West, Buddy Vanbrunt and Joe Perry (in the front)

More rocking photos of Darrell….

Here are some of Darrell’s harmonicas.

And one more rocking picture…

Darrell is a very kind soul, and quite the amazing blues harmonica player.  Check out his music here  on MYSPACE

Thank’s Darrell for loving Jesus and telling the world about it.  You really helped change my life.  BLESS YOU!

  1. Rhianna says:

    I still think it is great you got to see him!

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